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2 Unconventional Makeup Ideas for The Modern Woman

Are you bored with your ‘same old, same old’ look? Perhaps you are a creative person by nature and would like to get a little creative in front of the mirror? Maybe you had never thought of having makeup done – until last month, thanks to that big bad acne outbreak you suffered from! No matter what the reason maybe, in this article I am going to talk about some crazy makeup ideas which I had learned from an ex-girlfriend of mine.

So, are you ready for a dose of experimental, avant garde, unconventional and dramatic makeup ideas?

Makeup Idea #1 – Woman With The Perfect Look: You may not have the perfect, flawless complexion of Angelina Jolie, but nobody told you that you cannot just fake it, right? Under the “Woman With The Perfect Look” or WWTPL makeup style (well I just made that name up, as I am going to do for the rest of this article), your face should be your main focus. Under WWTPL method, even when you are using makeup to add a darker shade to your lips or eyes, remember to always think of your face first before everything else. I will steer clear of mentioning any brand names here as I believe that each individual should choose what is best for her skin (not to mention that some women get allergic reactions even with the products of well known brands).

First of all, you should use a mild foundation that hydrates your skin well. If you have got acne blemishes on your face then it is a good idea to use a quality blemish concealer to hide them. In order to contour the facial skin below your cheekbones in a subtle manner, use a good blotting powder; ideally the blotting powder you buy should be darker by at least two shades than the original tone of your skin. Next it is time to give those apples of your cheeks the perfect treatment; for this purpose, my ex- would usually use a golden-pink shade.

Makeup Idea #2 -Woman With The Perfect Lips: As you are going avant garde with your face, would you leave your lips unattended? Of course not! The main interesting part of going unconventional with your makeup is that you can try just about anything as long as it looks good on you. For instance, you can amplify the look of your eyes and also have lips like that of a female vampire! Yes, it is possible! Well now allow me to discuss how to enhance your lips.

The first step of the “Woman With The Perfect Lips” makeup style is to apply a good moisturizer to moisturize your lips. Wipe the extra moisture off your lips with a tissue paper. Next, you can use a dark lip liner to outline your lips; don’t forget to use a lipstick of an equally dark color for the rest of your lips! Add a finishing touch to your lips by swiping a good quality lip gloss over them. Optionally you can also touch the outline of your lips lightly with a good concealer.

As you can see, having a face and pair of eyes which attract attention is not too hard, is it? Get going, girl.

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