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3 Unconventional SEO Tips For You

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a science, a science which has often been taught and applied rather inappropriately. No wonder a lot of people think that SEO guys are a bunch of scammers. Scammers or not, even many SEO gurus have several misconceptions about SEO and in this article I am going to clear some of them.

SEO tip #1: Don’t Do Anything Unnatural: This is the best advice you are going to get on SEO optimization: DO NOT think in terms of “SEO”, do not try to manipulate your Google rankings; any such unnatural trick you employ would eventually backfire on you as Google is getting smarter. If you want to stay long in business, find out what the older, authority websites are doing and imitate them. For instance, one of the oft-given advices on SEO is that you should add nofollow to all outbound links in order to save your website’s Pagerank juice. This is misleading advice firstly because no one knows exactly how Google calculates a website’s Pagerank or what it considers ‘passing on Pagerank juice’, and secondly, because when all the outgoing links of your website are nofollow, it simply looks unnatural. Look at what the big websites are doing: are they adding nofollow to every external website they link to? Nope, right? If they can maintain their Pagerank with this practice, so can you.

The same goes for black hat practices such as article spinning; again, Google does not like websites with spun articles as visitors, Google’s main source of revenue, don’t like such websites. Google has to take care of its own business first before it decides on how to rank you in the search results, so any website that cries out loud that ‘I am spamming to get on top of Google’ is gonna get sandboxed one or other time. Another unnatural practice is creating duplicate content – out of sheer laziness, people often submit the same article to two article directories thinking that ‘two is better than one’ and that this practice is going to get them more traffic; however, in reality, it does not happen like that because Google would consider only ONE version of the article for indexing purpose and sandbox the other one.

SEO tip #2: Keep Your Website Updated: When was the last time you added an article to your website or blog? Two months ago? Five years ago? Well, the less frequently your website gets updated, the less traffic you would receive from Google. Remember that Google loves what its searchers love, and in this case again, people prefer websites which are frequently updated over the ones which have not been updated in ten years! Which website would you think, then, would rank higher in Google search results page?

SEO tip #3: Write Only Quality, Useful Content: Keeping your website regularly updated does not mean that you could get away by posting junk, spammy, spun articles frequently – stuff which even bots of Google would shy away from, forget about human beings! People love content that is original, uniquely written and useful.

Google loves what people love, so if you want to appease Google, forget about Google for a moment and think of your website visitors!

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