Proactiv For Acne – Does It Work At All?

I hate to break it to you, but if you are an acne sufferer then it is quite a tough battle ahead of you for sure. Certainly, there are a number of medications available that claim to treat acne in various ways, but which one would you choose? Given the various different kind of acne treatment options offered, it is very hard to make a correct choice. In time you would come to realize that the stress of this trial-and-error between different medications is more overwhelming than that of having to deal with acne itself. Take Guthy-Renker for example. In case you don’t know, this is the company which is behind one of the most well-known anti-acne solutions available today, called Proactiv. But is it any good for you? Does it really work? Doses it live up to its hype? In this article I will discuss some of the reviews and testimonials of its past customers to help you decide if it is right for your condition or not.

First, let us discuss what really causes acne. The death of old and birth of new skin cells is a continuous process that we go through all the time, and the reason we don’t realize it is because our skin’s sebaceous glands produce enough oil to keep our skin moisturized. Problem, however, occurs when the skin produces more than enough oil and the dead skin cells as well as dirt block our skin pores. In turn, bacteria finds a chance to grow on these clogged pores; acne blemishes as well as cystic acne are both a direct result of it.

How to use the Proactiv product: The program comes with a step-step skin care treatment. First of all, you will need to kill the acne bacteria using their Renewing Cleanser; after that, you can exfoliate your dead skin cells, as well as hydrate and moisturize your skin using Revitalizing Toner. When you have completed these two steps, the only thing that remains to be done is using their Repairing Treatment to kill the remaining acne bacteria. Both the Repairing Treatment and the Renewing Cleanser contain the well-known acne killer, benzoyl peroxide.

Does it work?: Well there are a lot of different, conflicting reviews left by the users of Proactiv so I will list them here as ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and let you decide if you want to go with this acne treatment program:

There are quite a number of “before and after” pictures posted by people who have used Proactiv with good results; one customer in particular claims that she finally found relief within just three days after struggling with acne for the last five years, thanks to Proactiv!

Cons: There are some of product review blogs which seem to rate other products higher than Proactiv.

Why such polarized opinions? The reasons can be many, but from what I understand, given that acne can be caused by several different factors (such as imbalance in hormones, excessive use of cosmetics, poor diet, etc.), it is possible that no one solution will work for everyone. Which is why some people swear by Proactiv while others reject it as a piece of trash. One other thing to note is that Proactiv is not made for all kinds of skin types; for example, if you are blessed with a sensitive skin then definitely spend your money on Proactiv; on the contrary, if your skin is quite an aggressive one, then Proactiv may not be the acne treatment solution you are looking for. It is possible that your skin may need products containing Sulfur, Salicylic Acid or Azelaic Acid to cure acne, none of which is included in Proactiv.

This is why I would suggest that before you choose any kind of skin care or acne treatment program for yourself, you should check the list of ingredients as well as their percentages within the medicine. Also, if one medicine doesn’t work for you, switch to another one, or better yet, visit a dermatologist. Good luck with your fight against acne. For more information, simply click here!