Recycle Graphics

How many of you pay your graphic designer to create graphics for your project and then never use them for the intended project? Or, how many times have you launched websites with killer graphics but after a short while you see that the sites have become duds? Well, I don't know about you, but it has happened to me – not once, but twice. What I did was just ask my graphic designer if he would edit the text of the graphics and how much would he charge for it. Thankfully, my graphic designer was accommodating enough and he charged $10 for that.

My intention in making this post is: are you wasting money on creating one graphic set or another? Based on my experience, I can say that there must be at least once or twice when you launched a website with sizzling graphics but which ultimately became a flop; maybe you thought that the project was not viable; or maybe you failed to monetize it. In any case, your graphics were wasted, right? Not quite. Read below to see how to 'recycle' graphics.

Let's say that today you are thinking about launching yet another project; today, you are thinking about paying another $67 to a graphics designer for your site's graphics. You don't have to! Gather all those 'wasted graphics' that you have in a single folder. Then contact the respective graphic designers and ask them if they would like to change the text of the graphics. (Be sure to contact THE designer who created the graphics for you. Remember that Designer B cannot edit the graphics created by Designer A, and vice versa.) Many, if not all, would be willing to do that for a nominal fee of $10-$20 per graphic set. In this way, you saved about $57 or $47. You can use this saved money in further development of your product or buying traffic, etc. I have done this twice. Do you think my new projects were in any way affected? Nah! I am the guy who wouldn't want to waste money on something if it is not needed to; in this case, since I had old and unused graphics, I hardly needed to order a new graphics set, unless of course, I have gotten a big fat wallet :-) So search your hard drives today! See if you can find any old and unused graphic sets. If yes, give a call to your favorite graphics designer or email them. Most designers will be able to do such a thing within 24 hours. This way, you save both money and time.

Disclaimer: This post doesn't apply to those who don't have a single set of wasted graphics.

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