Should You Go For Rabies Shots After A Dog Bite?

Even after taking a bunch of precautions, dog bites happen. Do you know that an estimated 5 million people–nearly 2% of the population–are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S. alone? And about 800,000 of these people require medical attention as the result of the bite or attack, and about 15-20 die from their injuries. These numbers are very much alarming, and it is important to note what kind of medical attention you will need after being bitten by a dog.

It is common knowledge that dog bites generally cause rabies, or hydrophobia. Note that while rabies is a common disease is some parts of the world, it is extremely rare in the United States and certain other developed nations. That said, if a dog appears sick or if he falls ill within 10 days biting a person, the dog should be tested for rabies immediately. If the dog tests positive you must go through a series of rabies shots. If the dog cannot be found after the incident, you should see a doctor to determine whether you should get the shots. The rabies shot sequence, if it is necessary, should begin as soon as possible after the bite.

Dog bites are very potent and can cause serious infection within days. Also note that every mid-size and large dog breed can be dangerous. While some breeds have been singled out as being particularly vicious, beware any attack and react appropriately. Also understand that a large majority of dogs won’t attack a human unless provoked in some way or other.

Every dog is different and will sometimes react differently, or even unpredictably, to a given situation. Even though there are ways to prevent a dog attack, and you can escape danger in most situations, sometimes you may have no option but to adapt yourself to an attack.

Watch for signs of infection closely if you’ve been bitten. There is not even an iota of truth in the old saying which claims that a dog’s mouth is clean. In fact, there is a lot of bacteria in there.

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