Sick of PLR? Try This

Of late, there have been rife speculations over whether private label rights are really helpful for the buyer, or whether they make money only for the person selling the rights. Now, here is my take on it: the success or failure of the plr (private label rights) material that you purchase, either from WSOs or from membership sites, depends to a great extent on the quality of the material, the amount of effort you put into it, and a host of other factors. For example:

1. Competition: I have purchased plr stuff that target niche markets as well as IM (internet marketing). And you believe it or not, I had far more success with niche plrs than IM plrs. Even though the fact remains that in niches, I am hardly a good writer; in fact some of my articles just suck; still I got thousands of page views and hundreds of click-throughs. Not so with IM plrs, one reason for which is that it is too competitive, but there are some other reasons as well.

2. Bad Marketing Approach: More IMers join IM plr memberships than niche plrs. This is true especially for newbies; I still find it amazing that people would pay for IM plr material, unless the material is of top quality. What I have learned from my article marketing experience is that when you are writing articles to sell your products in IM niche, you are basically selling sales tools to salesmen. Why? Because IMers know very well that your main motive in writing the article is to get the opt-in and/or the sale.

Since most IM plr articles contain the same old rehashed info that had been valid in 2005 but not anymore, it doesn't work in IM. It is NOT that plr articles won't work in IM as such. In IM, when you write articles, you need to give people some breakthrough, actionable content to get the clicks. You cannot get away with the plain, old junk. You need to impress them hugely with your article. So, as long as your plr article contains breakthrough info, you should get the traffic anyway. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

3. Compare this with niche plrs. People in niche markets look upon your articles as helpful information written to genuinely help them. They are already suffering from some pain and when they read your article, they don't bother whether it is some old information or new information; they don't bother whether you can write like Shakespeare or not; as long as you give them some useful information, you can be rest assured of the click throughs and traffic. In fact, I had more page views with niche articles than the IM ones.  
4. Four plr memberships I highly recommend: All is however not lost for those who are seeking good plr material for IM niche. Towards the beginning of this year, I stopped purchasing IM plrs and cancelled almost all the plr memberships, except four:

A) Nathan Johnson's PlrProductsParadise: I call it P3. It is run by my good friend Nathan Johnson (whom I call Nate) and the main USP of the site is that the plrs put up in this site really contain some very breakthrough information. The reason behind this is not hard to guess – Nathan is smart enough to realize that hiring ghostwriters is not a suitable option as far as IM plr is concerned, so he himself writes all the plr articles and reports (he is a prolific writer anyway). I highly recommend you join this site. You can actually see my testimonial on that site's sales page. I don't usually give testimonials unless I am overtly impressed with something, and keep in mind that it is not too easy to impress me :)

B) Alice Seba's All Private Label Content: Maybe the content is ghostwritten, but the content is always top notch. Recently I got plr materials in subjects I want to explore even further, such as podcasting, Web 2.0, etc. With Alice's site, I don't look so much as to 'monetize' the plr stuff as to learn from them. Don't laugh at me; there is always something to learn from the plr stuff these ladies put up every month.

C) Turbo Membership: If you are looking for plr softwares and scripts then look no further. Turbo Membership has many great features, but what I really look forward to each month is one cool plr script that John adds each month to this ever growing membership site. Honestly, the scripts are themselves so good that more often than not, I end up using them myself. As an example, I use the Turbo Newsletter Manager script for hosting the issues of my NuttieViralizer newsletter. Again you can see my testimonial for the membership on the sales page.

D) EasyPLR: is not a membership site. It sells a series of PLR reports and articles, all individually priced like an a la carte menu. You get to choose what you need. Just pick your favorite reports and/or articles and pay for the same at checkout! No long-term commitment necessary on your part. The material they supply is of course top notch, but what I like most about them is that their PLR packages are not oversold to hundreds of members; instead they usually sell about 50-100 copies of each article pack and report. Hence, you don't need to bother about competition.

There you have it: I have mentioned 4 plr sites to you that I myself use. My point here is not to sell you something and earn fast commissions, but to show you that every cloud has a silver lining. When people say that plr is dead, consider it only as a half truth because as soon as something is dead, another thing is born.



    Sick of PLR? Try This…

    Success or failure of the plr (private label rights) material that you purchase, either from WSOs or from membership sites, depends to a great extent on the…

  2. Courtney

    Very insightful post! And you make some great points about what constitutes good PLR. People should also consider buying PLR a la carte style…that way they don’t have to worry about paying a certain amount each month and getting content they don’t need.

  3. Arindam

    Those are also my views on plr. That is why I cancelled most of those ‘junk’ plr memberships and stuck with only a few. One example of the kind of site you are describing is Alice Seba’s site. You can buy individual plr packs without being a member. But of course, the content provided in the membership is even better! :)