The Best Christmas Carols I Recommend For You!

Just in case you don’t know, Christmas carols are songs people listen to on the eve of Christmas! They are mostly in the form of musical hymns. There are literally many different types of hymns available which make it almost impossible to pick up the cream of the crop. In this article I will recommend you some of the top carols for Christmas!

Traditionally Christmas carols used to have a chord pattern which was akin to that of medieval times! This is the reason behind the unique melody of these carols! The tune is usually strong; some parts of the carol are assigned to the soloist and the others to the chorus! It was so designed as traditionally Christmas carols were sung in groups!

Christmas carols lost their fame and popularity after Reformation, but fortunately they bounced back in the 19th century! In fact many composers of the mid-1800’s made their name and fame by composing Christmas carols, some of which are popular even today!

I prefer the traditional carols because they are the true embodiment of the spirit of Christmas. The lyrics of these songs are religious and divine – just the type of songs you would expect on Christmas; after all, isn’t Christmas a celebration of Christ’s birth? However, the modern carols lack this religious fervor!

Today’s carols are far far way from expressing the religious spirit of Christmas; these songs are less religious and more joyful and funny. There is a plus side of the modern-day carols though: since they are not Christmas specific, you could play them at any time and season! Okay, now let me tell you about two of my favorite Christmas carols.

1. Silent Night: Obviously I would recommend you only traditional carols since they are my favorites. One of my favorites is the “Silent Night” which was first released as a Catholic hymn in 1871; subsequently it was translated in English. The original Catholic carol was released in Austria at a time when there were no regulation laws for hymns and carols!

2. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: This carol was originally in hymnal form when it was composed by Charles Wesley as a poem called “Hark! How All The Welkins Ring”. The reason why it was composed as a hymn is that Charles wrote it at a time when the English Civil war had ended, and the custom of singing Christmas carols had given way to that of singing hymnal songs! Much later it was turned into the present form of carol!

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