Top 12 Boat Equipments You Cannot Live Without

There are many different types of boating accessories available; some are exclusively for those who want to go fishing, others for those who would like to sell their boats at a heavy price by increasing its resale value, still there are other accessories which are mainly for sports enthusiasts. There are also certain boat accessories which you MUST buy for the safety and security of your boat. In this article I will tell you about twelve important accessories a boat should have.

In order to choose the right accessories for your boat, it is important to keep in mind the type of boat you have, the things you plan to do with your boat, the size of your boat, etc.

Accessory #1 – GPS System: One of the most important accessories for any boat is a GPS system. In times of trouble, it could prove to be your lifesaver by helping the rescue team save you from any kind of danger you might be in. There are certain things you need to consider when buying a GPS system! A typical GPS system must have the ability to:

a) Highlight the regions in the water where you would find plenty of fishes

b) Be able to pick up satellite signals quite promptly. so that it becomes easy for you to travel through water!

A quality GPS system’s LCD screen should be at least 4 inches in size; DO NOT compromise for anything smaller!

Accessory #2 – Fishing Rod Holder: Needless to say, this is mainly for the fishing enthusiasts out there; if you are not one of them, then don’t buy it! These holders have the ability to attach themselves to the sides of your boat and hold your fishing rods for you.  There are different types of fishing rod holders available, such as front mount, 2-way top mount, dual rod holder, rear mount, etc. When choosing a fishing rod holder, it is important to consider the type of fishing rods you have/want to use, as well as the quality of the material your boat is made of (needless to say, the material of your boat should be of high quality, and the boat itself should be well-constructed).

Accessory #3 – Boat Fenders: Also known as marine fenders, buffers, bumpers, etc., this is one boat accessory you simply cannot live without even if you want to! By saving your vessel from getting damaged, these act like shields for your boat. These are especially necessary when you are docking your boat. There are different types of boat fenders available. The traditional, old school types of fenders were extremely cumbersome, as these lacked the ability to be folded away in a small place; no wonder that boat owners often found these to be a huge hurdle. At the same time, they simply could not afford to be without these fenders – you know why!

Times change, and so do boating equipments and supplies. If you have got super pumps (you should; they are not only essential but also extremely handy), you can instantly inflate these fenders whenever you need them, and once you are done with them, simply unfasten the inflated fenders by opening the screws! Once you unscrew them ,the fenders get deflated to a miniscule size; you can then tuck them away at a safe corner. Can anything possibly be easier than that?

There are many other differences between old and new boat fenders. New boat fenders are usually made up of more durable material so as to ensure that they last for a longer time and can even take in a couple of hits without bothering you too much! Heck, maintaining and repairing these fenders are so easy that you can manage it without requiring any expert help! Hey, old is not always gold, after all!

Boat fenders also protect your boat from harsh weather conditions, such as storms, high tides, huge sea weaves, etc.

Accessory #4 – Electric Winch: Want to increase the speed of your boat? Imagine, sailing in your boat at the speed of breeze! Well, that is exactly where these electric winches come in!

Accessory #5 – Communication Radio: Imagine being lost in the sea, with nobody to help you out, simply because you have no communication system with you! What a terrible thought, right? Well that is exactly where communication radios come in. You can use this piece of equipment to communicate with anyone you expect help from, such as the local authorities or even other members of the crew you are part of!

The other things that can keep you on track when on a sea voyage are a map and compass; these would ensure that you never lose your preferred direction!

Accessory #6 – Flag: Yet another thing that your boat should have is a flag.  In case you are abandoned by your crew, this flag would come to your aid. It has been an ancient mode of communication for sailors and is as much important even in the face of modern, high-end technology! You would want to choose a flag whose color can offer a striking contrast to the bluish color of the sea water, so as to help an airliner or a passing boat identify you easily!

Accessory #7 – Storage Cans: When you are on a fun trip, and a long one at that, you certainly don’t want to be in a situation when you suddenly run out of gasoline, do you? That is why, depending on the length of your trip, you would want to store plenty of fuel gas in storage cans!

Accessory #8 – Waterproof Binoculars: While a GPS system offers you the basic security you need, you might also consider adding waterproof binoculars as an essential add-on on top of the GPS. There are certain things such as troubles or obstacles at the docking place you are approaching – which cannot be easily detected by a typical GPS system; this is where these cool binoculars come in! Besides, adding these types of equipments can increase the resale value of your boat, and you can confidently charge a premium when selling your boat down the road! There are different types of waterproof binoculars available – each with a different purpose – so please choose your equipment carefully!

Accessory #9 – Seating: First of all, you should buy seats constructed with quality materials. Remember, you are not buying seats for a car, but a boat, and a boat is subject to being damaged by wet environments; you may find it annoying to change your seats too often, so it pays to invest a bit in this area.

Your seats should be arranged in such a way as to offer you the optimum boating experience. You might want to re-upholster the fabric of the seats, and if necessary, add cushions to them to make your seats more comfortable. When buying cushions, make sure that they are waterproof and dew-resistant!

Accessory #10 – A First-Aid Kit: You may or may not know this, but a lot of people suffer from sea-sickness (nausea) when they are out on the sea for a really long period of time. For this reason, you would want to keep a first-aid kit with you that could come to your aid if you start vomiting or nauseatic feeling!

Accessory #11 – Water and Food: Yes, these are among the MUST-haves, but chances are that you already know about it, so I kept this for the last! You should carry enough mineral water/fresh water with you as necessary – to serve you through the period of your sea voyage. If you don’t have enough fresh water supplies with you, or if you drink sea water, you can actually suffer from dehydration, thirst, itchy and dry skin, loss of appetite, etc.

Along with water, food is also essential You should keep foods which can be kept for days on end without requiring them to be stored in a cool place; this is because if you are touring during the daylight hours, you can bet your bottom dollars that the food is going to get warm, perhaps even HOT – due to the scorching heat of the sun!

Accessory #12 – Vents: An excessive amount of heat (emanated from sunlight) can damage the color and surface of your boat, while humidity can dampen your boat’s surface (which in turn can give off foul odor)! For this reason, you should buy quality vents to protect your boat from heat, humidity, foul odor and dampness!

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