Top 3 Natural Remedies for fast Acne Scar Removal!

Acne is something that a lot of people get affected by during their adolescence. Of course, some people become its victims even in adulthood, but such instances are usually rarer. Be it kids or adults, acne sure annoys everybody! The cause of annoyance is not so much the skin irritation caused by acne, which can be lessened with proper medicines, as are the ugly scars that are left on a person’s body long after the acne is gone! While during the winter season you can hide your scars under the veil of warm clothes, there is no hiding them from others’ eyes during the months of summer. Let us face it, when the summer hits, who does not want to go for a swim? So, is there are any way to get rid of these scars once and for all? There sure is, and that is exactly what I am going to discuss in this article.

Although expensive creams and surgeries can clear the acne scars from your face and body, I won’t be recommending them here, not only because they are expensive, but also because most people would prefer to go for natural remedies when given a choice. Keeping that in mind, I would discuss only those natural remedies which are known to help with quick acne scar removal!

Lemon Juice: For a lot of people, lemon aids in digestion. That is because lemon contains powerful natural properties that help detoxify your body. Lemon is also a good natural remedy for getting rid of acne scars and blemishes. The treatment is simpler than you would think: squeeze the juice out of lemon and apply it to your face; some people would suggest washing your face within 15 minutes after its application, but I would recommend that you apply it at bedtime and leave it on your face overnight.

If your skin gets too dry and flaky as a result of the lemon juice treatment, you can add a little bit of honey to the juice. By the way, if you are going to apply it on your face at bedtime (as I suggested), then milk would be a better alternative to honey (as you might find it awkward to sleep with honey on your face).

Rose water with sandalwood: This is yet another natural treatment you can use to clear your acne stains and blemishes! Make a very thick paste out of sandalwood and rosewater, gently apply it to your face, and leave it overnight. You can wash your face in the morning using a mild soap and water!

Sometimes, you would want to alternate between the mild soap with a little bit of gram flour. Gram flour is known to be very powerful in removing ugly acne scars. For best results, you would want to keep gram flour within your reach, preferably secured in an air-tight jar inside your bathroom, so that every time you need a face wash, just open the jar, take some gram flour form it, mix it with water to paste a paste, and gently message your face with it. You can also apply this paste on the other parts of your body affected by acne scars, such as hands, legs, neck, etc.

There are many more acne scar removal remedies used widely! For more information, [adrotate banner=”3″]