Top 4 Drinks Which Can Cause Bloating

You know the funny thing is that when it comes to bloating, most people (and even doctors) blame only the solid food they consume, and completely overlook the liquid drinks they are having throughout the day! Keep in mind that liquids are as much to blame for your present condition as the solid foods, so it only pays to monitor what kinds of liquids you are drinking on a given day. Are they any of these?

1. Milk: Yeah, milk is the number one culprit behind bloating. Actually, if you do a reality check, then milk is supposed to be consumed only by babies and at most, little kids; adults are not supposed to consume milk. Ever noticed an adult animal sucking his/her mother’s breasts? No, right? The fact remains that as you grow old, your level of lactose tolerance gradually diminishes. In other words, if you drink milk even when you are into your early 20s, then you have no one to blame except YOU – for your bloated stomach!

And you thought that animals are stupid, right? Think again!

Milk is bad enough, and if you drink sweetened milk mixed with chocolate, then God save you for introducing the dual combo of sugar and lactose into your stomach (both being the agents of IBS)!

2. Fruit Juice: If you are a lazy or busy fellow, you would most certainly buy processed fruit juices from the market, instead of chopping and cooking natural vegetables. You would think that it does not really matter because fruit juices contain all the necessary nutrients of the original fruit – after all, the manufacturing companies would have you believe so. However, the fact remains that once a fruit goes through the process of juicing, most of its vital nutrients are lost, and what ultimately remains is a fatal combo of sugar and water. I already mentioned in this article how sugar is bad for your stomach; if you don’t want to be attacked by irritable bowel syndrome/acid reflux, then stay away from processed fruit juices!

3. Tea and Coffee: Tea, especially the strong, black variety, is perhaps too strong for your stomach to digest! Why? Because it contains huge doses of caffeine which over-stimulates and irritates the delicate lining of your stomach. For the same reason, coffee is a big no-no; in addition to caffeine, coffee is also rich in certain strong substances which mess with your digestion process, damage your colon and cause intestinal spasms! Among coffee varieties, instant coffee is worse for your stomach than the coffee which is brewed naturally!

4. Carbonated and Alcoholic Drinks: Do you think alcohol? Heck, even the good ol’ beer is a big offender, not only because it can cause gas and bloating, but also because it can trigger food intolerance in people (due to the presence of the remnants of yeast and wheat – stuff that most people cannot tolerate very well) and mess their digestion!

Champagne is often used during celebrations/festive seasons! However, the fact remains that those ‘happy bubbles’ of this French wine are going to make you somewhat unhappy afterwards – by causing indigestion and flatulence! Bottom line, if you don’t want to spoil a happy party with your farting, then maybe you should avoid Champagne as much as possible!

In fact, when you drink any kind of wine, you are literally introducing poison in your stomach. Your stomach is unable to tolerate any kind of ‘heavy’ strong beverage, and what could be heavier and stronger than wine? Due to the way wine is made (by fermenting the grape fruit juice), and also the amount of sulfites (a preservative used to stop any more fermentation of wine) it contains, it can not only introduce acid and bloating in your stomach but also trigger food allergy!

If you drink alcohol, chances are that you also have soda quite frequently. Soda is yet another big cause behind stomach gas and bloating, and why not? After all, it contains everything required to make a mess of your digestive process: sugar (fructose), chemical additive, artificial sweeteners (they are even worse than sugar), and a high amount of caffeine! And if you thought that diet soda would be fine, think again!

Do you have energy drinks too? Then you are certainly dead in the water! Energy drinks contain a high concentration of sugar (carbohydrate) and caffeine to offer you the much needed ‘energy’, which would have been all good if it had not caused abdominal bloating and a gaseous stomach later on! As you can see, this ‘energy’ comes at a big price tag! For the same reason, the regular soft drinks are also a big no-no!

Now, I don’t think I need to ask you to avoid diet coke too, right?

I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but if you already have a yeast infection called Candidiasis, then it is only going to get worse upon the consumption of sugar (fructose) in any form, since sugar is the food that Candia really needs to grow and mature inside your body!

As you can see, there are plenty of the so-called ‘healthy’ and ‘energy’ drinks which are not so healthy for you after all; so, how about skipping these for good and drinking water instead? If you want to ensure proper digestion of your foods and live a happy life free from stomach bloating, water is the perfect medicine you need!

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