Top 4 Herbal Acne Scar Removal Tips For You!

Acne is one of the things that many young women and teens seem to face; actually, the acne pimples are not that bad because they don’t last beyond a short while; however, when these pimples are gone, ugly acne scars take their place, and that is what really sucks, to be honest, as getting rid of these scars is a really tough battle! Anyway, in this article I will discuss some of the natural treatments you can use to speed up the scar removal process.

Remember that, just like all other natural treatments you might have used in the past, the ones I am going to discuss in this article also take considerable time in order to show the results desired!

Honey: Honey is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which is why it can easily kill the acne bacteria. You should message honey gently in your face every day, in a circular fashion. Leave the honey on your face for an hour or so, then wash your face with lukewarm water!

Ice: Did you know about the following benefits offered by ice for the skin?


-Soothes your skin
-Minimizes skin inflammation
-Removes the acne scars from your face
-Restores the elasticity of your skin by making the skin pores tighter

You should keep ice cubes in your refrigerator ready all the time. Every few hours, take a couple of ice cubes from your refrigerator and gently message them over your face. Do this for several minutes!

Garlic: Along with honey and ice cubes, garlic too contains natural properties for acne scar removal. Grind garlic well to form a paste out of it, and apply this face on your face. Leave the paste on your face for some time, after which you can wash off your face with water. Do this twice every day for at least the next seven days, After a week, you should definitely see positive results in the form of minimized acne scars! Continue this natural treatment until the scars vanish completely!

Lemon Juice: Yet another natural treatment which works great for removing acne scars and zits is the juice extracted from lemon. Get an unripe lemon, squeeze the juice out of it, get a sterilized cotton ball, then apply the juice on your face with that cotton ball! Remember that if your skin is extremely sensitive then you may experience some burning sensation at first, but the good news is that the burning sensation does not last very long; if your skin irritates too much, then apply some water to the juice in order to dilute a bit!

There are many more natural treatments available for acne scars, but the four options I discussed above are used by a lot of people, and they are known to work for the majority. I certainly hope that they work well for you too!

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