Top 4 Natural Treatments For Getting Rid of Acne Blemishes!

If you are reading this article, then it means that you want to get rid of your acne scars as quick as possible. Acne scars are not only embarrassing, they are also quite annoying since they stay on for a long time…I mean, long after the pimples have gone! In this article I will talk about how to clear your skin from the acne blemishes and blackheads!

There are many treatments available for acne scars; some are more expensive than others, and the results you would get form each treatment vary greatly! For example, you can go for things like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, etc; the first two of these are cheaper than the last one, and is recommended only for very superficial scars; with laser resurfacing, on the other hand, the results are much more long lasting, even with very deep scars. That said, the treatments I am actually going to discuss in this article are even cheaper, not to mention that they are 100% natural and free from side effects!

Aloe Vera Gel: I am not sure if you know this already, but the gel extracted from the Aloe Vera leaf is useful for treating a number of skin conditions, the acne scar removal treatment being one of them! The gel cleans the scars from your skin and thus, promotes the growth of healthier, younger and suppler skin tissues. Eventually, your scars would vanish completely! Ideally, you should look for the pure version of this gel, and apply it at least twice a day on the affected area; leave the gel on your skin for at least an hour or more, and then wash off the area with cold water!

Honey: Honey actually offers two kinds of acne treatments, which is why you can call it a complete acne treatment solution! First and foremost, it kills the bacteria that are causing acne, and secondly, it also removes the ugly scars from your skin that appear right after the pimples are gone. The treatment is very simple: simply apply honey on your face for three to four times a day; leave honey on the skin for at least fifteen minutes or more, then wash the area with lukewarm water!

Lemon Juice: Lemon can be useful in so many ways! You drink it as a juice and it helps to detoxify your body; you apply it on your skin and it not only rids you of the red pimples but also the scars! Basically, it contains very powerful bleaching agents which are strong enough not just to alleviate the red color of acne pimples but also to break open the scar tissue so as to eradicate it and help the newer, healthier skin tissue to grow in its place!

The treatment could not be simpler! All you need to do is to slice a lemon into two or four pieces, squeeze them to extract the juice out of them, then soak a clean cotton into the juice and apply it gently on the affected area; it may burn at first but the burning sensation should not last long; keep the lemon juice on your skin for some time, after which you can wash the area with a mild soap and water!

Oatmeal: Like honey, oatmeal too offers a two-pronged solution for acne: it not only cures the acne pimples, but also makes the acne blemishes vanish! The treatment is quite easy and similar to the honey treatment: mix some oatmeal powder with rose water to form a paste out of it, message the paste gently on the affected area and let the paste stay on your skin for at least fifteen minutes or more, after which you can wash your face with water!

There are many more acne scar removal remedies used widely! For more information, [adrotate banner=”3″]