Top 6 Acne Scar Removal Treatments You May Not Know About!

If you ever had any kind of acne breakout, I think you will agree with me that dealing with acne scars is more painful than the acne itself! That is because acne scars are extremely annoying: not just because they spoil your skin’s beauty, they are also extremely difficult to get rid of! Most of the so-called ‘acne blemish removal’ treatments available out there hardly remove your scars completely; all they do is charge you an arm and a leg just for hiding your acne blemishes for a while! Having said that, there are also a few treatments designed not just to hide but also remove your acne scars completely. In this article I will discuss six such treatments!

Fillers: Also known as derma fillers, these are widely used for various types of anti-aging treatments (for example, wrinkles). Did you know that fillers are used to treat acne blemishes as well? The materials used as fillers can vary depending on the situation and type of usage: they can be made up of either human-made, synthetic or organic materials! This treatment is quite painless and usually does not take more than half-an-hour to perform. There are seldom any kind of side effects from the use of derma fillers!

Laser treatment: Laser treatment is one of the most highly regarded and popular treatments for acne blemish removal. A lot of well-known dermatologists recommend this treatment from time to time. It is also one of the most expensive ones out there: a single treatment can cost anywhere between 3,000-4,000 dollars or more, depending on the severity of the acne scar. Under this treatment, the outermost layer of the skin is removed or burnt using a laser beam.

Subcision: With this treatment, the scarry tissues are split form the main skin tissue; the oozing blood resulting from the procedure eventually helps to hide the scar mark by leveling the scar mark with the skin’s surface!

Dermabrasion: Under this treatment, a high-speed wire brush or a diamond fraise is used to peel off the scar’s layers. Though this treatment manages to hide the scars, it is only temporary and it does not actually remove the scars! You would need to undergo this treatment several times to achieve the desired results. It is recommended that you opt for this only if you have superficial scars!

Acid peels: This treatment, also known as the chemical peeling method, it involves the use of a very natural acid component in order to remove the superficial scars on the skin; the acid can be either glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid! Usually, no anesthesia is applied before performing this treatment since it is not painful in any way! You can opt for this treatment whether you have acne blemishes or are suffering from a actual breakout; note that this is a not a one-off treatment: you need to undergo the same treatment for several weeks or even months before getting rid of your scar completely. This method is usually not recommended for those with very deep acne scars!

Punch Excision: Under the Punch Excision treatment, the scars are punched into and their edges are then stitched together!