Top 2 Famous Christmas Movies-Why You Should Watch Them!

For those of us who don’t like the idea of attending each and every party invitation and would instead prefer to enjoy ourselves with lots of sumptuous foods and drinks at home, watching Christmas movie could be an ideal entertainer. If you ask me, I am a complete homebody; it is not that I don’t get party invitations, but I prefer to sit at my home, switch on the TV, and watch my favorite Christmas movies!

Lately I have even started buying DVDs of some of my favorite movies as they are no longer broadcasted on TV! Regardless of which way you go, I am sure you would find this article extremely helpful as I am going to tell you about some of my favorite Christmas movies! Trust me, it is a treat to watch them!

I couldn’t help but start off this article with one of the oldest, all-time Christmas classics, “A Christmas Carol”. I am sure you are familiar with this famous book of Charles Dickens! This tale has been remade into several movies but my favorite one till date remains “Scrooge”, the 1951 classic in which the main character is played wonderfully by Alastair Sim!

Scrooge is certainly not an unfamiliar character to us! After all, who could ever forget that stingy and selfish fellow in whose heart there was no place for anything else except cash! Things however took a serious turn when three sprits visited him in his dream and pointed out his mistakes.

It was then that Scrooge became a changed man: from a selfish loathsome fellow he changed into the most loving, caring and generous fellow ever lived on earth! Don’t just brush it off thinking that it is some ‘old-fashioned’ movie; even today whenever I watch this classic it never fails to entertain me!

In the unlikely case that you are bored of the old story of Scrooge, you could switch to “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” for a change. This 1964 classic comes with a social message that looks are not everything. Just like Scrooge, Rudolph is another famous Christmas character. The story goes that Rudolph, a reindeer, was shunned by the society simply because he looked different from other reindeers.

However, when on one Christmas a terrible blizzard occurred, it was Rudolph who turned out to be the savior! I particularly like the two comic characters of this movie: Yukon Cornelious and Herbie The Dentist Elf! The songs are equally wonderful. If this movie doesn’t make you and your kids happy, I don’t know what else will!

I could tell you about more, but obviously, if write about all of my favorite movies, this article would turn into a long boring novel!

The ones I listed above are my top two favorites. If you would like to know about my other favorite Christmas movies, [adrotate banner=”11″]