Type2 Diabetes: The Worst Of Type2 Diabetes Uncovered!

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to a type2 diabetes patient. Do you know that if you are suffering from type2 diabetes, you are at risk of developing various heart diseases? Worst, you can even suffer from stroke. A recent research conducted on diabetics and non-diabetics proved that non-diabetics are less likely to develop symptoms of stroke than diabetics. And for people suffering from type2 diabetes, the first five years are crucial as there is a very strong chance of having a stroke during this period. Here are the details about the research.

For the purpose of the study, the researchers randomly chose about 12,272 patients suffering from type2 diabetes. The average age of the patients was about 64 years or so. The research was conducted for about five years so that there is no room for any doubt. At the end of five years, the researchers found out that the type2 diabetes patients were developing symptoms of stroke.

If you think that it is only the old people who suffer from stroke, you cannot be further from the truth. In fact, the study found out that among the diabetes patients, young diabetics are more at risk of developing symptoms of stroke than older people. This is very much unlike the non-diabetic, general population, where more old than young people suffer from stroke. It only goes on to show us how dangerous type2 diabetes can be and how seriously we should think about combating this disease.

The sad fact is that doctors and physicians are not taking this study seriously. They seem to underplay the whole thing. They are of the opinion that cardiovascular complications of diabetes appear ten years after a person is being diagnosed with diabetes. The reality, as proved by the study, however speaks otherwise. The study found out that a diabetic patient is likely to suffer from stroke within just five years after being diagnosed with type2 diabetes.

As you can see, there are several misconceptions about the connection between type2 diabetes and stroke. The first misconception is that only old diabetic people suffer from stroke, while it is the younger people who are more likely to have stroke. Another misconception is that stroke occurs after ten years of being diagnosed with type2 diabetes. But the reality is that it can take as little as five years for a diabetes patient to develop symptoms of stroke. I sincerely hope that this article will help to dispel these misconceptions and that type2 diabetes will get a better treatment in future. If you would like to know more about type2 diabetes and how to prevent it, [adrotate banner=”16″]