New and Old Ways to Treat Acne Scars and Blemishes!

Our skin pore consists of a tiny gland, hair and hair follicle. Acne is often the result of the huge hormonal changes our body undergoes throughout the adolescent period. Due to these hormonal changes, our skin pores secrete an oil named sebum. When our skin pores become extremely crammed with this oil, the bacteria lying on the skin’s surface attack the delicate pores of the skin, causing acne pimples to appear. Thanks to our body’s immediate immunity response, the pimples eventually go and the wounds heal, but what remains behind is one big, ugly scar that refuses to go!

Being on a proper diet, keeping oneself hydrated, taking utmost care of the skin, use of citric acid products (such as lemon) and different facial skin cares solutions available, have been some of the traditional methods recommended to get rid of acne scars. The truth, of course, is that prevention is the best cure as far as acne is concerned; in other words, if you follow a proper diet and drink enough water throughout the day, you have fewer chances of going through another acne outbreak in the near future!

Today, there are many more modern treatments available for acne scar removal, such as microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and surgery. Some of these methods are more costly than others, and the results you would achieve from each treatment depends on the severity of your acne, the depth and age of your scar, the number of times you are willing to undergo a certain treatment (some of these treatments, such as chemical peels, offer only temporary solution and you have to undergo it regularly in order to hide the appearance of your scars), etc. One thing common to all these medical procedures is that almost all of them come with certain baggage: that of discomfort, pain, expense, and recovery time; not to mention that almost all these treatments require the help and guidance from an expert dermatologist!

There are also natural treatments you can use in order to get rid of acne scars. A lot of people prefer natural treatments to the medical ones because the former is inexpensive, free from pain and discomfort, and also the results achieved from natural treatments are usually permanent and long lasting; not to mention that you can treat yourself in your spare time and at the comfort and privacy of your home. The downside of the natural treatments is that they make their effect felt very slowly; take the lemon juice treatment for example: depending on the nature of your acne scar, you may be required to continue the treatment for weeks or even months before you notice any tangible results. In other words, people who want instant gratification usually prefer the medical procedures, even if the results are often temporary; on the other hand, those who want permanent cure without any side effects and costs prefer the herbal treatment procedure!

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