2 Famous Christmas Movies You Cannot Do Without!

The Christmas season is almost knocking at the door. As you know, this is the only time when most of us get an opportunity to enjoy ourselves! This is the time for which we wait throughout the year, so that we could get a long leave from our job and spend some quality time with our family, as well as meet up old friends and relatives and do some Christmas shopping!

When you go for Christmas shopping this year, don’t forget to buy some of the wonderful Christmas movies that I am going to tell you about in this article! These movies are evergreen and thoroughly entertaining, and I bet that you would be so thrilled that you would watch them every Christmas!

1. The Santa Claus (1994): If you are looking forward to some offbeat and modern films on Christmas, this is the perfect movie for you! In this corny comedy, Tim Allen plays a divorcee called Scott Calvin. He is allowed to see his son Charlie only once in a year: at Christmas. Now Charlie believes in Santa Claus and his parents fail to convince him that Santa is nothing but a myth. As fate would have it, on one Christmas Eve an unusual visitor lands on Scott’s roof; actually the visitor was dressed as Santa Claus!

On being called out by Scott, the person falls off the roof out of shock and dies. Scott discovers a suitcase left by the visitor, which had instructions on how to become a Santa Claus like him should he ever become a victim of any unfortunate circumstance! Scott now becomes the new Santa Claus, but will he be able to convince his cynical family about the reality of Santa? Watch this laugh riot to find out the answer!

2. Elf (2003): In this wonderful comedy Will Farrell plays a tall lanky Elf who is on the loose in New York City. Believe it or not, it is a treat to watch Will Farrell as the eccentric and funny Elf. I am sure your children would love this one to bits!

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