4 Hot Places You Should Visit For Alaska Salmon Fishing

Without a doubt, Alaska is one of the most popular places where anglers can expect to catch a record breaking number of salmon fishes. The cool waters of the rivers, lakes and oceans of the western area of the state are well known for the availability of high quality of salmon fishes in huge quantities.

In general, you will find salmon fishes in almost all the regions of Alaska. However, if you are looking for king-sized salmon fishes then there are a few areas famous for that. Below I will give you a list of the rivers and the type of salmon fishes you will find in each one of them.

1. Kenai Peninsula and River- One of the most famous hot spots for salmon fishing in Alaska is the Kenai Peninsula and river. Here you will be able to find several different species of fishes such as King Salmon, Chinook, Silver and Sockeye or Red salmon. The weight of a salmon fish depends on its variety but usually adult salmon fishes weigh anywhere between 25 to 90 pounds.

2. Golsovia River, on the edge of the Bering Sea-This is another area in Alaska which is world famous for easy availability of several different species of salmon fishes. Interestingly, apart from salmon, you will also find Artic Char fishes in this region. The typical varieties of salmon fishes found in this area are Chum, Pink, Silver and King salmon. If you are looking forward to fishing salmon in this area it is best to do so during June to August, because this is the time when most guests reach their fishing limit and then, in order to continue their fishing enjoyment, use a catch and release programme.

3. Sitka-This is another area in Alaska known for its exciting fishing opportunities. There are however limits on the number of fishes you can catch. For example, you cannot catch more than one salmon fish per day, and not more than three during one year. So far as the Silver salmon or the Coho is concerned, you cannot catch more than six Cohos per day, but thankfully, there is no annual restriction. Apart from being a hot fishing spot, Sitka is also one of the largest cities in Alaska; so if you are going to do salmon fishing there it will make an ideal base point for your family.

4. Yentna River- This is yet another hot spot for the lovers of salmon fishes. While this river in itself has plenty of salmon fishes living in its waters, you are not limited by this river alone! This river has many tributaries which are equally rich in fishing opportunities. Depending on your fishing license, you can do salmon fishing either by using a fishing boat, or by nets, or even off the shore. King, Silver, Sockeye, Pink and Chum are some of the varieties of salmon fishes you are likely to find in this river. Fly-fishing is a frequently used method to catch fishes from this river.

Overall, I can say that Alaska will give you a rich experience as far as salmon fishing is concerned. The interesting thing about salmon fishing in Alaska is that many of its areas are virtually left untouched and unexploited, which makes it an attractive fishing spot for the adventurous. It is best to visit Alaska during the months of July and August, when the weather is comparatively warm and there is sufficient daylight for long hours of fishing enjoyment.

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