5 Natural Ways to Remove Acne Scars Permanently!

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1. Herbal Blood Cleansers: I am sure you know quite well about the reason behind the formation of acne scars; nonetheless, I think it is important to add a little context in order to explain the logic behind recommending herbal blood cleansers!

When your skin’s pimple is burst open and infected by bacteria present on your skin layer, your body’s immunity system sends out both white blood cells and red blood cells in order to fight and kill the bacteria and heal the wound fast. The problem is that, in this process, ugly scars are formed on your skin which in turn disfigures your face.

The thing to note is that you may get lots of scars on your face even after the blackhead or pimple is gone; if so happens, then you should know that your blood has become highly toxic! In order to purify your blood by ridding if off the toxins, you need the help of herbal blood cleansers; in addition to purifying your blood, it also speeds up the growth and rejuvenation process of your skin and cells so that the scars heal fast!

So what are herbal blood cleansers? The root of burdock is an extremely powerful herb that is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; it helps clean the toxins from your blood in three ways: by improving your digestive system, ridding your colon of the waste matter, and killing the various parasites present in your blood.

Red clover is another natural blood cleanser. It detoxifies your blood in two ways: by increasing your urine output – thereby, flushing the toxins out of your body, as well as by improving your blood circulation! Red clover is not good not just for acne scar removal but also as an effective remedy for skin aliments such as psoriasis and eczema!

Watercress is another good herbal blood cleanser, and so is celery. These herbs are extremely potent and act as diuretics and laxatives – meaning that they detoxify your blood by increasing your excreta and urine outputs (just like water, but probably more potent)! Not only that, they also boost your appetite – so in case you feel abnormally hungry, you know why!

Here is another powerful natural blood cleanser you can use: mix dandelion with mint, parsley, marshmallow, comfrey and lambs quarters – blend them together, then add some pineapple juice to the mix and continue to blend the mix! The powerful minerals, vitamins and other enzymes present in this mixture help speed up the regeneration process of the skin. Please Do NOT throw away the pulp just because it tastes bitter; if required, add a bit of honey to it lessen its bitterness! The mixture would detoxify your blood by increasing your excreta output!

If you have beetroot, carrots and spinach at home, extract the juice from them in this manner: 100ml of juice each from beetroot and spinach, and 300ml of juice from the carrots!

As you know, drinking plenty of water can also help cleanse your body of toxins. However, if you don’t like to drink plain water all the time, consider drinking grapefruit juice sometimes: it offers the same functions as water!

Just a FYI: when I say ‘juice’, I mean the juice as extracted manually at home, NOT the processed fruit juice packages available at junk food stores – they contain loads of calories and almost ZERO natural healing properties!

2. Rosehip seed oil: Doctors have been recommending Rosehip seed oil for elimination of acne scars since a long time. If you cannot get the oil in its natural form, that is fine; there are plenty of Rosehip seed oil cream products available in market; the only catch is that the ointment must contain enough concentration of Rosehip seed oil for it to be effective!

3. Gram flour: On the face of it, gram flour may look quite innocuous but it has the powerful ability of removing/reducing your acne scars! The treatment could not be simpler: take pure water, mix it with gram flour to make a paste out of it and rub the paste gently on your face. It is recommended that you keep some gram flour stored in an airtight container inside your bathroom, so that you could use it every time you need a face wash!

4. Salt: You eat salt with food all the time, but did you know that it can be used to heal your acne scars as well?

Now, if you really think that table salt is the answer to your problems, you couldn’t be further from the truth! You need 100% natural salt for this purpose; table salt, while it may taste good with food, is hardly 100% natural! It goes through a lot of processing and bleaching before reaching your table, thereby ridding it of its natural acne scar healing abilities! So what salt am I referring to?

Do you know about Himalayan Pink salt? If yes, that is one type of ‘mined’ salt, as found in the sea. If you cannot get the Himalayan Pink salt, do note that ANY kind of ‘mined’ salt would do just as good. If you stay near the seashore then you are in luck; if not, you would probably have to buy this salt from your local market!

The treatment is really simple: prepare some lukewarm water in a bowl, add around 2-3 teaspoonfuls of salt into it, get a cotton swab or pad, soak it into the salt water mixture, and message it gently on your face! If you don’t feel its benevolent effects right away, it means that you need to add some more salt to the mixture to make the mixture ‘stronger’; on the other hand, if you feel a stinging effect every time you apply salt water on your face, then that means that you need to add a bit more water to make the mixture less strong! It would take a bit of trial and error on your part to get the mixture right!

Generally speaking, if you apply this mixture on your face daily, it can take a few weeks for the scars to heal; however, if your case is very critical, it might take longer! No matter how busy you are, just remember that you need to find time for this treatment EVERY DAY – it only takes a few minutes anyway!

5. Papaya, Oatmeal and Orange Mix: Buy a ripe papaya, beat it into a pulp, add oatmeal (in powdered form) and half the juice of an orange to it, then mix the whole thing well. If the mixture is too thick then dilute it by adding a bit more orange juice! Use this mixture as a face mask, and keep it on your skin for at least half-an-hour. You can make a similar facemask out of yogurt (the pure, sour variety), lemon juice and honey!

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