5 Points To Note When Building Your List For The First Time – Using Lead Capture Page As Front Door

The easiest way to build subscribers is to divert the traffic coming to your site to your lead capture page. If you have been sending all traffic to your main sales you should change that strategy right now, as you are losing a lot of money. Think about it: out of 1000 people visiting your sales page, perhaps only 300 people are actually buying your product. So what about the rest 700 people who left without purchasing anything? You lost 700 potential customers! If you would have directed all the traffic to your lead capture page then that would have been more profitable to you.

Now, see, let’s say that 1000 people first go to your lead capture page (or squeeze page) and fill in their details in an opt-in form. Now, suppose only 300 buy your product. So what? You can follow up the other 700 ‘non-paying’ customers and make cross-sales or affiliate sales to them in future, now that you have both their names and email addresses on your list.

Creating a lead capture page requires a lot of expertise, though. However, with the tips I offer here, any newbie will be able to do it, provided that these points are noted:

1. Theoretically, a lead capture page should be so short that the visitor won’t have to scroll through the page to see your opt-in form: it should be high enough for them to see within a few seconds of reading your web page.

However I can understand that sometimes a lead capture page might get a slightly bigger. That’s no problem. Just try to be short as much as possible. Here are some tips on what to actually write on the squeeze page:

A) A large bold headline, stating the purpose of your squeeze page, or the very main benefit of your product, etc. It should be something that would force the visitor to read the rest of the page and eventually subscribe to your opt-in list.

B) State the main benefits that your subscriber will get once they subscribe to your list. Be short and precise, but smart enough to drive the point home, so that your visitor feels the pinch and he has no other way but to sign up!

In other words, your lead capture page should be a shorter version of your main sales page; try not to be grandiose here: just take 15% of your sales page and convert it into a lead capture page. That should work best for you.

C) The third and most important component is your opt in form. Avoid dark and bright colors; you should know that some internet visitors are color blind: therefore if you put in too much color you will end up losing subscribers as they won’t know where to type what. The best colors to use here are black and white.

2. Now the point is: what actually should drive your subscriber to fill in the opt-in form. A nicely formatted opt in form is OK, but that is not the main incentive for which a visitor will subscribe to your list. If your aim is to sell a product, offer your subscribers free reports, free videos, free audios and courses, calls and transcripts, teleseminars,etc., that are related to your product: something that is of great value to your subscriber but of least financial cost to you.

3. It is a good idea to put link backs to your website in these free reports and videos. Find partners who would be ready to giveaway the free report and/or audio to their list .It is not hard to find them, though. Everybody wants to make a little money by giving away freebies to their list.

4. When you are first driving traffic to your lead capture page, everybody, from smart seasoned Pros to newbies would get into your list. Even people who are just remotely interested in your product might get into your list as well. It is a good idea to accept all of them into your list; you can weed them out later by giving away huge discounts to your list members on membership upgrades etc. The serious members would take advantage of the opportunity and buy your discounted upgrade, while the ‘not-so-serious’ members will get into the category of ‘lazy fellows’ who don’t take action.

5. Be sure to put list members on your customers list and take them out from your regular list once they purchase a product from you. For more information on list building, [adrotate banner=”37″]