6 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Christmas Candle For Free!

Christmas candles can sometimes prove to be expensive for your pocket, given the current economic recession. And even if you have deep pockets, why buy them when you could create then easily at home, that too, for free! In this article I will offer you some unique candle-making tips!

Okay, here are the six easy steps you need to follow to create your very own, custom candles!

1. Don’t throw away the remaining wax that is left over from your old candles after they burn out! Why? Because you could use this wax to create new ones! Use a huge and strong tin can (I use either my milk can or the oil can for this purpose, but you could use anything else you like) and beat the walk so hard with it that the wax breaks into several smaller pieces!

Just in case you are unable to find any tin can, you can use a strong knife or a pair of scissors for this purpose!

2. Okay, next it is time to get a good, shapely and large-mouthed wine glass. You might find one from your kitchen.

3. Okay, once you have the wine glass, it is time to hunt for a white tin candle! Make sure it has a wick attached to it! Place this candle at the very bottom of the wine glass!

4) Did you remember those pieces of wax that you made at the very start of this process? Now it is time to cover the white tin candle (sparing its wick of course) by pouring those pieces of wax into the wine glass! Keep in mind that if you have wax pieces of varying colors and designs, it would make your candle even more beautiful!

5) If you are like me, you probably love dreamy sundaes. If so, I can tell you how to do even that! Again, for this to work, you need to have a decent amount of pounded wax of varying colors ready at hand!

Fill up about an inch of your white tin candle with one color of pounded wax, followed by the next color, and so on. You should continue this process until the whole of your tin candle is filled up! At the stem, you may attach a colored ribbon if you want, as it adds to the classy touch!

6) Now you might be wondering: “What would I use as a stirrer?” Okay, I have a solution for that too! I generally use my toothpick for this purpose but you can also use a juice straw if you want! Don’t forget to create colorful tags on a piece of cardboard, cut it into several pieces and attach them at the end of the stirrer!

Make sure to remove the tags before you light it at your Christmas dinner table; if you are gifting the candle to a friend you should inform him of the same as well!

See how easy it is to make a colored, stylish candle? These days, it is very hard to find the perfect Christmas candle for yourself, even if you have lots of money to spend! With this formula, you could easily create a candle according to your tastes and liking!

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