Alaska Fishing Trips-The Absolute Truth Revealed!

Whether you are a fisherman trapped in a dense forest, or an angler trying to rejuvenate his soul, or just an ordinary person who has never been to fishing but wants to add spice to an otherwise boring life, an Alaska fishing trip can do wonders for you! Alaska fishing trips are the perfect medicine for those who are trying to escape out of their mundane lives and want to feel alive again!

You can do several things to appease your appetite. For example, you can subdue a 100 pound king salmon at one go; or you can catch a typical 300-pound halibut if that is what you like to do. If nothing seems to work then try to do some fly fishing for Rainbow trout. It doesn’t matter whether you want to catch a salmon, or halibut or a trout, Alaska fishing trips will undoubtedly give you the best possible fishing experience!

Back in 1959, Alaska became America’s 49th state. Before that time, Alaska belonged to Russian fur traders. In 1867, U.S. politician, William Seward, encouraged the United States to buy Alaska for a mere 7.2 million dollars. At that time, the purchase was considered silly; “Seward’s folly,” as it was called. But Seward has had the last laugh.

Undoubtedly Seward himself must have been a smart and intelligent fisherman, which is why he saw the potential of Alaska of becoming home to one of the world’s largest fishing adventure centers. With its vast coastline, unexploited lakes and rivers and pristine glacial waters, Alaska is the place where you can find scores of fishes including the Arctic char, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, rockfish, steelhead, Northern pike, Silver salmon, and 400-pound Salmon sharks.

Every major port in Alaska runs its own fishing charters. You will however, need to book them early as these charters sell out fast like hot cakes. Also keep in mind that you will need to have a fishing license before you can set out for the fishing trip.

Remember,the government of Alaska has put strict fishing laws in place. So if you want to go out on an Alaska fishing trip, be sure to ask your guide about the rules and regulations pertaining to fishing in a particular area. Your guide will surely inform you about all the laws. Remember that Alaska fishing laws cover things like capture and transportation of fishes, use of tackles, fly and ice fishing, allowable baits used in fishing, and the usual seasonal and weight requirements. The laws also cover sensitive subjects such as wasting of fishes.

If you want a peaceful and quiet fishing trip, try a remote destination like the Anvik River Lodge located 450 miles from Anchorage. Run by the Hickson family, this isolated fishing lodge is one of the most popular lodges for Alaska fishing trips.

Lodges such as Sitka Point Lodge and Fishing Charters offer you complete package deals which include transportation, gourmet meals, tackles, gears and all the licenses you need for your trip. They also offer a hot tub where you can relax after a hard day’s fishing work. Now, if you are not of the adventurous types and prefer to be safe rather than sorry, then be sure to check in at one of these fishing lodges when going on an Alaska fishing trip.

Regardless of whatever you choose to do, it is clear that if you want to fix your troubled mind, then an Alaska fishing trip is what you really need!

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