Are You Afraid of Criticism?

I am a member of a paid forum where there are really some intelligent folks. The one thing that makes me pay the subscription fee every month is the spirit of giving and sharing that I like very much and that is so apparent that anybody who joins and visits the forum even for just one week will be overwhelmed with information. Members share each others' mistakes, each others' strategies, and many other things that the general public will perhaps never be able to know about. There are no gurus in that forum; every member is an ordinary person coming from an ordinary family background like me, but in my opinion they know more than all the 'gurus' out there. At least, even if they don't know more than the self-proclaimed 'gurus', they are large hearted enough to share their knowledge.

My purpose in this article is not to promote that paid forum. I tell you all these because the story I am going to tell you is connected to that paid forum.

A lady who is a member of that paid forum one day put up her first WSO (Warrior Special Offer). It was a hit no doubt, getting thousands of page views and spanning to almost 5 pages of postings. However, a member in the Warrior Forum began to post negative stuff about her report in the same thread. She was apparently a bit shocked by the whole thing so she posted a message to the paid forum asking for help. That is not the end of the story. But what I have just told you will be enough for you to understand my article.

It really sucks big time when you have put the best of yourself is a work and it is criticized widely, more so if it happens to be your first work. It is like someone criticizing your own baby. However, the fact remains that you cannot satisfy everybody every time. You can satisfy only so many people with your work. There will always be detractors. While I welcome healthy criticisms of all sorts, mindless criticisms that people make just to badmouth a person's hard work is something I don't advocate. But when you are creating your own work, be it in the form of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or anything else, you must brace yourself up for some sort of criticism. No matter whether you are a newbie or a guru, there will always be some people who will never like anything you create. You can never satisfy these people, because they are not cut out for satisfaction. They are the people who are as if doomed not to be satisfied with life in general; so, these people DO NOT deserve to be satisfied; they have no life, so it is wise for you to ignore such people.

I don't mean to say that criticisms are bad. I would repeat: healthy and constructive criticism can help in improving your work, and I always welcome such types of criticisms. Unhealthy and mindless criticisms, on the other hand, will make you feel frustrated and your creative vigor will be lost. So you should keep your ears open to constructive criticism but would ignore those who criticize you either because they are jealous of your success or that they have nothing better to do in life.

I am nobody. Great poets and novelists of past and present have been criticized whenever they decided to do something that was considered 'unconventional'. Every scientist who has invented something new has faced a lot of flak one time or the other. If they would have given in to such criticisms, they would never have been able to become the great and famous people that we know them to be.

And it has something to do with my Nuttieviralizer subscribers too :) You know that I am giving away an e-course on how to create info products from scratch and sell them. The e-course spans over 50 pages and I could have easily sold it as a $47 product. Instead, I chose to giveaway this e-course because too many times I see posts in forums in which people say that they cannot create their own product, or that they don't know how to do it, etc.

Don't be one of them. A product is your asset and the more assets you have, the better. As I discuss in the last part of the e-course, you have complete control over stuff that YOU create, and there are so many things you can do with your product.

And I can guarantee you that the very first product that you create won't be perfect. And you will be criticized too. But if you stop there you won't be able to move again. So, you should take all criticisms in your stride and move on. I know that my very first product was far from readable: I polished and improved on it as time went by.

So if you are afraid to write your first ebook or article just because you think people won't like it, read the six parts of my info product e-course as they arrive in your inbox, and then just write down a short report on a subject or niche that you feel you know a lot about. Don't be afraid of criticism. If you create a quality product (you really can), then for every 4 pieces of criticism, you will get 2 pieces of testimonials. Is that enough for you? Then go ahead…

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