Best Way To Seduce Women: How To Get Your Woman’s Correct Address

This sort of thing just happens when you happen to meet the woman of your dreams and fall head over heels in love with her. Luckily, she accepts your proposal and you two decide to date on a specific day. The girl asks you to pick her up from her house, and gives you details about her location. Now the d-day finally comes. You follow the directions she gave you to the tee but cannot find out her house. You search a lot and by the time you finally get to find out her correct house, the dating time is already over. You are too embarrassed to meet her and she too possibly is just pissed off with you. What would you do then?

Who is at fault here? I don’t know. Maybe the woman gave you a bad address, or maybe you failed to follow her given directions correctly. But whatever maybe the cause behind it, you don’t want to repeat this again, right? Then read about a perfect solution I have found just for you!

Internet has made our lives really as simple and opulent as it was never before! Now you can find out your date’s house at the click of a mouse. Just use a service like or Both of them offer a service where all you need is just type in your and her addresses and they will give you a turn-by-turn directions on how to reach her house. They will even supply you with a custom map which you can even print out and take with yourself if you want to!

So next time you get lost and want to find out your girl’s place, you know where to go! If you need more information on how to seduce a single woman, [adrotate banner=”14″]