Cayenne Pepper – An All-Natural Remedy for Bad Breath and Acid Reflux

If you have suffered from bad breath or halitosis for any length of time, you know how it is like. People around you cringe to talk to you; they simply seem to be unable to have any communication with you without being a little evasive or covering their noses with hankies.

Now, your bad breath may or may not always be the reason behind their odd behavior but when you already know that people don’t like you for your foul breath, your subconscious mind will almost always exemplify any such behavior as being the result of your bad breath. This kind of over-obsession with your breath can hinder your social relationships as well as your normal, family life. Now, if you are like anybody else, you have probably already tried hundreds of halitosis medications with no concrete results so far. Fortunately, there is an alternative – one that is fully natural and easily available. In this article I am going to talk about that natural remedy for bad breath.

There may be a lot of causes behind your bad breath. You may be suffering from diseases such as post nasal drip, problems such as acid reflux or indigestion, periodontal issues etc. All of them can cause bad breath. There are in fact even certain medications and foods which have often been found to be the source of bad breath. It is obvious that once you kill the source of your problem, the problem will be over; for example, if acid reflux is triggering your bad breath then simply treating acid reflux will make your bad breath go away. In this article however, I am not going to concern ourselves with causes, rather, as I promised, I will be talking about REMEDIES.

You must have heard of cayenne pepper. A lot of people have found it as the solution to their age-old halitosis problem. While it is not strong enough to offer you permanent relief, it can certainly be a temporary solution for you when you are trapped in an urgency, like say, going to a party, or meeting some friends.

Cayenne pepper is actually derived from a vegetable you are very well familiar with: capsicum. Cayenne pepper is known to fight tooth and nail with halitosis; it can help you both from the halitosis generated from a gastronomical problem as well as one which is created in a dry mouth. However, this pepper is a solution not just for bad breath, but also a variety of other diseases, such as pneumonia, arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, headaches, etc. Whether you have digestion problems and suffer from bloating or acid reflux regularly, or feel the need to detoxify your body, cayenne pepper is the way to go. It also improves a person’s appetite; if you always feel your stomach to be full to the brim, swallow one of the cayenne pepper capsules available in the market. Soon, you will be feeling as hungry as the wolf!

Often, it has been found that bad breath in a lot of people is triggered by their stomachs. When you keep your stomach in good condition, are able to have regular bowel movements, and maintain a healthy digestion system, then chances are that your intestine won’t produce the type of gases which often make your breath foul. Cayenne pepper takes care of all these problems in one go; likewise it also improves the flow of saliva in our mouth which in turn eliminates our bad breath completely. The bottom line is, if you want a complete and natural solution to halitosis, then cayenne pepper is the way to go! For more information, [adrotate banner=”5″].