ClickBank Now Pays WEEKLY!

Hurray! Clickbank now pays you weekly! Of course, terms and conditions apply. So read this blog post to find out!

Now I just gotta make more sales :)

Here is Clickbank's blog post you can read:

Actually, I am not as happy as I appear to be! Why?

Remember I told you at the start that terms and conditions apply? :D

Correct me if I am wrong, but the weekly payment option is only available to those who are eligible for receiving payments via direct deposit. This means that unless you live in any one of the following countries:

• Australia
• Austria

• Belgium

• Canada

• France

• Germany

• Ireland

• Mexico

• The Netherlands

• New Zealand

• Spain

• Switzerland

• United Kingdom

• United States

you better forget about weekly payments, as least for now! :(

You can learn more about Direct Deposit here:

I hope they include India soon, as well as other countries!

By the way, how do you think this move would affect Clickbank affiliates? Feel free to post your comments below! :D