Cure Back Ache: How To Cure Back Ache And Start Playing Sports Again!

If you are an athlete, you sure have faced the monster called back ache one time or the other. It is funny that people believe that athletes are exempt from back ache, while in reality they are as prone to back ache as anybody else. Why do athletes suffer from backache? What do they do to alleviate and cure back ache? In this article I will answer all those questions.

Why do athletes suffer from back ache? There are several reasons behind it. Improper body weight can be one cause. Also if you play sports incorrectly, your back has to carry a lot of load. This extra pressure on your back is what causes back ache. Athletes such as weight lifters, runners and cyclists are most prone to back ache. Don’t ever make the mistake of going to ordinary physiotherapists or chiropractors in order to cure back ache. You will simply waste your money and won’t be able to cure back ache. Here is why.

Most doctors will give you painkillers that simply don’t work for most back aches. Some traditional treatments, instead of focusing on the root cause of back ache, try to address the symptoms of a herniated disc. However, you needn’t be disappointed. If you are down with back ache and want to play sports again, there is hope for you. Here are the three things you need to do so that you can play sports again!

1. Identify the problem: To cure back ache, you first need to go to the root of the problem. Most doctors don’t do this, and they make their patients jump from one treatment to another. Once you identify the cause of back ache, it is relatively easy to cure it.

2. Exercises regularly: Exercise is the only answer to your problem. While yoga has been proven to cure most back aches, you may also want to do stretching exercises. Aerobic exercises also help. And remember, painkillers are a strict no-no. This is because most painkillers are found to be addictive, so even if you are successful in getting a little relief out of painkillers, you are creating a bigger problem for yourself in the form of drug addiction!

3. Once your back ache is cured, you will need to change some of your habits. For example, you should never stand or sit in an improper posture for a long time. You should not sleep on an un-supporting mattress. You should never rest your back on a pillow while watching TV. Following these directions will surely help you to prevent back ache.

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