Cure Ear Infection: 3 Tips To Cure Ear Infection

Ear infection is a common ailment suffered by many babies and children. Today’s parents know more than enough about how to cure ear infection. One of the bad things about ear infections is that they most often occur at night, with no help around. In this article, I will tell you how to cure ear infection as well as prevent it from occurring in future.

It is well known that antibiotics are the common way to cure ear infection. Most parents go for antibiotics when they see their child suffering from painful ear infections. However, it must be noted that antibiotics are not always able to cure ear infection. In case of some children, it has been seen that natural symptomatic treatment seem to cure ear infection faster than antibiotics. In fact, in some countries, antibiotics cannot cure ear infection at all! So, should you go for antibiotics or natural treatment programs?

It depends on the magnitude of ear infection. If your child suffers from ear infection only once, then antibiotics maybe the quickest way to cure ear infection. However, if it is a recurring problem for your child, then antibiotics may not the best option to cure ear infection. In such cases, you should look for natural treatments. More importantly, you should take steps to prevent ear infection as prevention is always better than cure.

Ok, so here are some steps you can take to cure ear infection naturally:

1. Children complain of ear infection when their tubes are blocked at night. In the day, however, they don’t suffer from any pain because their tubes are clean and draining properly. Your aim is to make sure that your child’s tubes drain properly no matter whether it is night or day. To do this, gently raise the head of your child above the bed or crib and keep it at that position. This will help the tubes clean naturally.

2. Make your child drink various kinds of fluids. Even swallowing something as plain as water will help in cleaning the tubes properly. Once the tubes are cleared, they will drain freely and your child won’t complain of ear pain.

3. Ear infection is mostly caused in winter because of cold weather. You can make your room warm and moist by installing a vaporizer.

4. Most ear infections occur when your child suffer from cold. So, next time, when your child gets a cold, use a decongestant as well as a vaporizer at night. I had a friend whose son would suffer from recurring bouts of ear infection and she did nothing but use a vaporizer and a decongestant at night. Now she tells me that she has been able to cure ear infection and she doesn’t have to worry about whether her son will suffer from ear infection every time he gets a cold.

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