Cure Lung Cancer: Is Lung Cancer Curable?

As you know, our lungs are the most vital organs of our body. It absorbs oxygen from the air and distributes it to different parts of our body; it also expels carbon dioxide from our body into the air. When however, malignant cells develop in our lungs, we suffer from lung cancer. In this article I will tell you whether lung cancer is curable or not.

Needless to say, the primary cause behind lung cancer is smoking. It is sad that even after a lot of government-sponsored propaganda against smoking and its ill-effects, people continue their smoking habits, without realizing how much they are damaging their bodies. And if you think that you only need to stop smoking in order to cure lung cancer, you are dead wrong! Along with abstaining from smoking yourself, you should also try to live and work in a smoke-free environment. This is because passive smoking can also affect your lungs as much as active smoking does.

There are many different symptoms of lung cancer. If you are coughing frequently, with so much pressure that blood is coming out of your lungs, then in all probability you are suffering from lung cancer. Also, if you are having difficulty in breathing, then too it is possible that you are suffering from lung cancer. However, mere occurrence of these symptoms should not lead you to believe that you have lung cancer. I’d suggest you consult with a professional doctor because only a qualified doctor can tell you whether you are suffering from lung cancer or not.

In order to diagnose lung cancer, your doctor will ask you to go through different types of tests. The common tests that are used to diagnose lung cancer are x-ray, sputum test, CT scans and biopsies.

And it is really easy to cure lung cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the two ways to cure lung cancer. Mostly, doctors use a combination of both the therapies in order to cure lung cancer. In some cases, surgery maybe used instead of radiation, especially if cancer has not spread beyond the lungs of the patient. However, these treatments are quite costly. So if you are not yet a lung cancer sufferer I’d recommend that you take immediate steps to prevent it. And the first step to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking.

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