Cure Toothache: 3 Ways To Cure Toothache Fast

Before asking: ‘Why do I have a toothache?’ ask yourself: ‘Do I have a sweet tooth?’ What I mean is that if you eat a lot of sugar in the form of candies, soft drinks, chocolates, etc., it is only natural that you are suffering from toothache. Sugar is not good for our teeth because as soon as sugar enters our teeth the bacteria present in our mouth breaks down the sugar, which then combines with the calcium present in the enamel. This is when we suffer from toothache. In this article I will tell you about some natural ways to alleviate and cure toothache.

If you want to cure toothache permanently, you will need to visit a dentist or consult with an expert. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to minimize the pain.

1. Heard of clove buds? They are mainly available at small stores. Clove buds come with a vial that has an in-built dropper. Buy clove buds as well as some cotton swabs. Put a few drops of clove bud on a cotton swab. Then gently apply the swab to the painful area. Make sure you know from where the pain is actually coming. Too many times it happens that we have pain in one part of the tooth and we end up treating another part of the tooth that had no connection with the pain in the first place! Clove buds may cause burning sensations but the burning will last only for a couple of minutes and moreover, it is better than the tooth ache!

There is a product called First Aid which has clove bud in it. Once you apply it to the affected area, chances are that you won’t have toothache for a whole day. Make sure you clean the affected area properly before applying this product.

2. Listerine is also a good remedy for toothaches. You can take one sip of Listerine and hold it in the affected area for a couple of minutes. You will experience burning sensations however it is only temporary. Don’t apply Listerine just once and sit idle. You should apply Listerine every thirty minutes to an hour.

3. There are some other methods that you can use the alleviate toothache. For example, cinnamon is a powerful remedy for toothache, although it doesn’t work for everybody. Another way to cure toothache is to mix baking soda with hot water and wash your mouth with it. Salty water also helps. In fact, I would suggest that you first wash your mouth with soda water and then with salty water. This will be extremely beneficial for your gums. Again, if your toothache persists, you should consult with an expert. There are also many inexpensive guides available online that can teach you how to cure toothache.

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