Cure Ulcerative Colitis: Can You Really Cure Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of colon. Typically, this disease is formed when cells present in the colon or rectum are destroyed. Once the cells are destroyed, pus is formed, resulting in ulcers or ulcerative colitis .In this article I will tell what are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and how to cure it.

Ulcerative colitis can happen to anybody, but more often than not, it is a hereditary disease. At least in twenty percent of American families, it has been seen that people who suffer from ulcerative colitis have a family history of the same disease.

What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis? Actually, there are many symptoms, but the most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis are: anemia, fatigue, loss of weight, loss of appetite, rectal bleeding, loss of body fluids and nutrients, skin lesions and joint pain. Most people experience only mild symptoms of ulcerative colitis. If you unsure about whether you are suffering from ulcerative colitis or not, just do a simple test of your blood or stool.

What are the causes of ulcerative colitis? Doctors believe that ulcerative colitis is caused because of the presence of bacteria in our digestive tract. Some others believe that people with weak immune system suffer from ulcerative colitis. However, it must be kept in mind that these are mere speculations and the real cause behind ulcerative colitis is not known yet.

There are many ways to cure ulcerative colitis, the most common of them being the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Drugs such as Aminosalicylates, or drugs that contain 5-aminosalicyclic acid (5-ASA), help control inflammation. Sulfasalazine is a combination of sulfapyridine and 5-ASA; it induces and maintains remission, and helps to improve the quality of life of the sufferers. Most of these drugs will help you to cure ulcerative colitis fast, but keep in mind that they also come with their own set of side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, and headache. It is your best bet to consult with your doctor before start using any drug.

Other remedies to cure ulcerative colitis include hospitalization or surgery. Often, it may happen that the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor are not able to cure ulcerative colitis. In such cases your doctor will try to stop diarrhea and the loss of fluids. Often, a special diet or treatment may be required in order to cure ulcerative colitis. In such cases the doctor recommends the patient to get hospitalized.

When everything else fails, surgery is the only option to cure ulcerative colitis. Under this method, the infected colon is removed from the body of the person.

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