Cure Vertigo: 2 Home Remedies To Cure Vertigo Fast

Vertigo is a condition where the patient feels that he, along with his surrounding objects, are continuously spinning. Dizziness is the most common symptom of vertigo. Vertigo is often followed by loss o balance and vomiting or nausea. However, there is no need to panic as I will tell you about two home remedies that will help you cure vertigo fast.

Home remedy #1: To make this remedy, you need two tablespoonfuls of wheat grain, two tablespoonfuls of poppy seeds, eight water melon seeds and eight almonds. Combine all the four and make a paste. Fry this paste with ghee and add two cloves in it. Then mix the mixture with milk and drink it. You should drink this mixture everyday and continue the treatment for at least a week.

Home remedy #2: Making the second home remedy is much easier. All you need to do is to mix one teaspoonful of coriander seeds and an equivalent amount of amla (gooseberry) powder and leave the mixture for the whole night. Then in the morning just strain this mixture, add about ½ teaspoonful of sugar in it and drink it.

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