Cure Water Retention: 3 Easy Ways To Cure Water Retention Fast

Water retention is a serious disease and it is very easy to know whether you are suffering from water retention or not. For example, if you are feeling too fat for your clothes, or just feeling heavy; or if your mouths puff up in the mornings, then you may be suffering from water retention problems. Bloating is yet another symptom of water retention. In this article I will tell you about three easy ways to cure water retention fast.

First of all, why does water retention happen at all? Well, normally, our body is able to balance the water contained in it but sometimes it so happens that because of abnormal food patterns, this balance goes haywire and you start suffering from water retention problems. So what are abnormal food patterns? If you drink excessive alcohol or eat foods that are rich in salt, then you will not only suffer from water retention problem, you will also suffer from other serious diseases such as IBS and bloating. However, here are three ways you can cure water retention:

1. Swimming: You may not know it but swimming daily in deep water has many advantages, one of them being that it helps to expel salt from your body. When your body has less salt, you will be able to cure water retention. So make it a point to swim everyday in deep water. If you are a pregnant woman you should avoid water that is above 100 degrees temperature.

2. Avoid diuretics: While diuretics may initially help you to control water retention problems, overuse of diuretics can aggravate your problem instead of curing it. Here is what happens: when you suffer from water retention problem, you take diuretics, then the problem is somewhat minimized. You see the positive improvements and continue to take diuretics for a long period of time, hoping that it will help you cure water retention. However, after using it for a long time, you will suffer from rebound edema, which means that the disease you had supposedly controlled, comes right back to you! This is why I would suggest that you minimize the use of diuretics.

3. Minimize salt intake: You cannot cure water retention if you continue to take foods rich in salt, such as burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, etc. When you eat salty foods, these salts remain in the body until the time your kidney is able to flush it through urine, which normally happens after twenty four hours. Imagine the damage that can happen to your body if salt remain in your body for a whole day! This is why you should eat foods that contain little salt. Ideally, home made foods are what you should be eating every day. Avoid junk foods at all costs.

There are many other things you need to do in order to cure water retention. For more information, [adrotate banner=”6″]