Daily Diet For Type 2 Diabetes-The Absolute Truth Revealed!-Part II

As a rule, diabetes patients need to follow a particular type of daily diet for type 2 diabetes which is different from ordinary people’s diet, in that the daily diet for type 2 diabetes usually contains low amounts of carbohydrates and high amounts of fat and protein. However, diet is only part of the whole game. There are many other ways to control diabetes as well. Here are the three prominent ways to curb menace called diabetes:

1. Increase the level of daily activity: The aim of performing regular workouts is to help you lose weight and make your body less resistant to insulin. The more workouts you do, the more your body will become sensitive to insulin. Which further means that you will have greater control over the level of sugar present in your blood..

2. Eat the right types of food: Carbohydrates have the greatest impact on the level of sugar present in the blood stream. Carbohydrates are easily and quickly converted to glucose and absorbed by the blood which results in an increase in the level of sugar in blood. If at all you want to eat carbohydrates, choose carbohydrate foods which take a lot of time to digest, at least longer than the regular carbohydrate food products. Consuming carbohydrate food which is easily digested will only increase your blood sugar level.

If you are taking a diet rich in protein and fat, you should be careful not to consume excess amounts of fat because that would result in heart and blood circulation problems. Also regular exercises will help keep your blood glucose levels down.

3. Also the different types of foods that make up your meal will greatly impact your blood sugar level. Do note that consuming high amounts of fat and protein can also lead to an increase in blood sugar level. So, in a way the daily diet for type 2 diabetes should be one that is low in carbohydrates but not too high in fat or protein. Your doctor should be able to suggest the right quantities of carbs, fat and protein that you should consume per day.

You should keep a watch on the type of fatty foods you eat. Eating food with saturated fats and abstaining from alcohol will help bring down the levels of cholesterol in blood.

Type2 diabetes coupled with high blood pressure can result in eye and kidney damage, as well as heart diseases and blood circulation problems.

In short, performing regular workouts, eating a low-fat diet and abstaining from alcohol will help controlling the harmful effects of type2 diabetes.

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