Dating Women Online: The Surefire Way To Seduce A Woman Online! – Part II

The wrong way to post an ad is not to give enough information about yourself in the ad, not posting more than once day, and not posting to more than one site. If you go this way you won’t find any success in dating women online. The way I post ads is: in my ad I tell everything: about myself, my likes and dislikes, what I am looking for in a girl, what turns me on, whether I am looking for friendship or dating or sex, etc. Be as detailed as possible, but, make sure that your ad is not too long so as to make the woman fall asleep! Remember, the woman is receiving hundreds of ads and responses daily, and your ad must be unique and detailed, yet brief. Also, don’t post the same ad at the same place more than once. This only shows how stupid and desperate you are! Always wait for a couple of weeks for response after you have posted an ad and be patient. If you don’t get any response, then post the same ad at a different but relevant place. Chances are that your dream woman might be lurking right there, seeing your ads, but not getting enough courage to post a response. If she sees your ad a number of times in a row, she will be able to work up the courage to post a response to your ad.

Also, never expect anything even when you meet a woman online, Unless you two love each other a lot and are sure that your relationship is heading somewhere, keep posting your ads. Meeting one woman means nothing for you. You should keep posting your ads to the point until you meet a lot of women. Chances are that out of twenty single women that you meet, only one will become your perfect mate.

To get an even better response, post your ad to as many places as possible. The more places your ads show up, the more women you meet and your chance of meeting Ms. Right increases manifold. There are many other things you need to do in order to attract and seduce women online. If you want more information, [adrotate banner=”14″]