Dating Women Tips: Are You Dating The Wrong Woman?

Imagine this. You go and date a woman. The woman too seems to be happy with you. After some months, you propose to her, and she rejects you. Just when you are recuperating from your heartbreak, she comes back to you again; asks to give her a second chance, and you both start dating each other again. After a few months, the same cycle repeats; you propose to her, she rejects your proposal, dumps you and then comes back again to you! Would you date such a woman? In this article I will tell you how to keep yourself at a safe distance from such fickle-minded women.

Women who are generally confused and undecided about what to expect from a relationship, and more importantly, what to expect from a guy, are the ones who suffer from commitment phobia. These women will fly along with you as long as you let her to be, but as soon as you ask her for commitment, as soon as you tie her down to a relationship, she runs a mile away, only to come back to you and ask for a second chance.

The problem is that since you keep taking her back each time she comes back to you, she treats you like a doormat and nothing more; she is free to come back and go away as she pleases. This way, as you can see, your relationship heads nowhere and your life becomes hollow.

The best way to treat such a woman is that once she dumps you and goes away, you should not take her back even if she asks for one more chance. Chances are that, if you don’t take her back, she will learn a lesson or two from this relationship, and will be able to decide what to expect from her future relationships. Don’t waste your youth on a confused and fickle-minded woman when you can use that precious time in finding someone who actually knows what she expects from her man.

It was never my intention to reveal the dark secrets about single women but since I am here committed to help you and make you happy in every possible way, I decided to tell you about these types of single women and how to avoid them. There are several other types of women who can make your life a hell and from whom you should keep safe distance. If you need more information, [adrotate banner=”14″]