Dating Women Tips- Why You Should Never Date ‘Experienced’ Women

When we date women, we come across many unfortunate incidents, though we can avoid them if we want. In this article I will tell you why you should never date an ‘experienced’ woman. But first of all let ,me tell you what is it that the woman really wants from a guy.

Even if she tells you that all she wants is to have a nice guy as boyfriend, don’t believe her! Because chances are that when she tells you that she wants to date a nice guy, she is using her head, not heart. When the mating season comes, she will forget to play by the rules(head)and use her heart instead. She will be completely at the mercy of the bad guys: guys who don’t behave nicely to them, guys who are hard to acquire because they are so ‘busy’ and guys who are likely to ditch them. Or guys who are smart enough to ignite the intense emotions of a woman. These guys are known as ‘jerks’. Can you see that there is no point in being a nice guy?

What is worse is that there are some women who will never learn their lessons and will continue to date jerks who give them more pain than pleasure. There is another group of women who will learn their lessons after having dated a lot of jerks. They won’t date any jerks again, because they have had enough. They want to get married and settle down. But a jerk is not the kind of guy who will stick with any single woman for a long time. So what will these second group of women do? They will choose you, the ‘nice’ guy to be their ‘husband’ and make you pay for their maintenance. How sad! After spreading their legs everywhere and sleeping with one jerk after another, they select you, a ‘nice’ guy to protect them and their children, take care for their maintenance and make you pay for them. These woman will also be vindictive about men since they have been dumped so often by the jerks, and they will vent their anger and frustration on you.

The saddest part about the whole thing is that there are really some guys out there who lack confidence enough to marry the best woman on earth. Instead they choose these ‘experienced’ woman who have nothing but pain to give them. Come on, be a MAN. If you have even a little self respect for yourself please don’t choose an ‘experienced woman’. You deserve much better. You deserve to date the best and finest woman on earth, not the leftovers and old hags. If you are serious about your relationship then I suggest you choose a woman who is still young and full of energy, and who has a positive attitude toward love, life and men. You will live a much better life. If you want more tips about seducing and dating sexy women, [adrotate banner=”14″]