Diabetes Exercise Program-The Only Way To Keep Diabetes At Bay-Part I

Without doubt, diabetes exercise program is one of the surefire ways to control diabetes. Diabetes is caused when the level of sugar in blood is above the normal range. Diabetes exercise program not only help you lower your blood sugar level, it also helps lowering the risk of heart diseases, something that is common among diabetes patients. Apart from that, diabetes also improves your overall health- mental, as well as physical. In this article, I will tell you about the virtues of workouts and diabetes exercise programs and which types of exercises should be done in order to control diabetes.

It is important to check your blood sugar levels before and after exercise, because exercises and workouts have a great impact on the level of blood sugar. Usually, diabetes is caused when our muscles become insensitive to the insulin present in the body. The benefit of doing regular exercises is that your body will become more and more sensitive to the insulin present in the body, which in turn will help controlling the level of glucose present in your blood. Therefore, if your blood sugar level is abnormal – either too high or too low, you should wait for your blood sugar level to become normal before you start exercising. Do you know what type of exercises should you do as part of your diabetes exercise program?

Usually, there are no specific set of exercises for diabetes patients. You can choose any cardio exercise (walking, running, cycling, aerobics, skating, warm-ups and cool-downs, tennis, etc.). In fact, any exercise that that increases the heart rate is good for diabetes patients. Aerobic exercises and strength training are also helpful in that they help strengthen your heartbeat, keep the muscles warm and help build up your stamina.

When you are just starting to exercise, don’t just jump over to strength training. Perform low-level workouts, and then, increase the intensity of your exercise by stages. If in doubt, ask your doctor and I am sure he will be able to guide you as to what types of diabetes exercise programs are suitable for your body.

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