Diabetes Healing Foods- Important Things You Need To Know- Part I

Our foods affect our blood sugar levels. No wonder that these days people are crazy searching for the diabetes healing foods. And this is nothing new. Earlier people would go crazy over the high-fat-low-carb diet recommended by Dr. Atkins. What people don’t realize is that living a healthy life has nothing to do with counting calories or carbohydrates. It is more important to exercise moderation over what we eat. The root cause of diabetes is basically linked to over-eating. If we eat moderately, we have nothing else to worry. In this article I will tell you about how moderate eating can help you in getting rid of diabetes.

Let me point out another thing. The incidence of diabetes cases has increased to an astronomical amount during the recent years, and the reason is not hard to guess. More and more people are taking up corporate jobs, or surfing the internet for hours. These people are living a sedentary lifestyle, where there is little or no physical activity. Lack of physical activity causes obesity, which is often touted as the harbinger of diabetes and other ailments. If we can incorporate daily exercises into our schedules, we will soon be able to get rid of diabetes. Do you know what the link between diabetes and obesity is?

Normally, after we have a meal, our blood glucose level automatically rises a bit. Insulin’s job is to control this glucose level by taking away the excess glucose from our blood and use it for energy production. Obesity makes our muscles resistant or insensitive to insulin. Once our muscles become insulin-resistant; then insulin is unable to control our blood sugar levels, and obviously, this is what causes diabetes. Do we have the ability to control our blood sugar levels? Sure. If we eat moderately, and spend thirty minutes or an hour in doing some physical exercises, we will be able to improve our situation by a good margin. Moderate eating doesn’t mean that you have to eat a diet which is low in carbohydrate and rich in fat and protein. In fact, a good diet should have all the three elements – carbohydrates, proteins and fat in proper balance. These three elements serve different purposes inside our bodies; hence we cannot do without one or the other. For example, proteins serve the purpose of giving us satiety. If we don’t get eat protein, we will feel hungry all the time. Carbohydrates serve the purpose of producing the energy needed to run our bodies, while fats provide us with a healthy skin and produce steroid hormones.

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