Diet Control For Diabetes- How To Prevent Diabetes From Happening-Part II

First of all, let me tell you that there is no particular diet pattern that is suitable for all diabetes patients. Diet recommendations generally differ from patient to patient. However, there are certain types of foods that can trigger diabetes. It would be best for you to avert these types of foods. In this article, I will tell you about three things that can help you prevent diabetes forever, as well the type of foods you should include in your diet.

1. Exercise regularly: I cannot stress enough the importance of exercise in the life of a person. It is even more important in order to avert diabetes. If you have a low level of daily activity in your life, or if you live a sedentary life without doing any kind of physical activities, you better change yourself before it is too late. Sedentary lifestyles are ideal for the growth of the germs of diabetes. Exercises help us control the level of sugar in our blood, in the following way: In our pancreas, there is a hormone called insulin that controls the level of glucose in our blood. If we don’t do exercises regularly, our muscles become insensitive to insulin. The result is that insulin is unable to control the increasing flow of glucose level in blood and it is at this time that diabetes occurs. If we exercise regularly, we will be able to keep our muscles active and sensitive to insulin, thus keeping diabetes at bay.

2. Healthy eating: What you eat has a great impact on your blood sugar level. Along with doing exercises regularly, we should also have a healthy diet pattern if we want to avert diabetes. Forget the regular American diet that you are having now because it is just suitable for the breeding of diabetes. You should change your diet entirely- eat foods which have high amounts of fat and protein and low amounts o carbohydrates. You can eat foods which contain saturated fats. I would also recommend that you also include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in order to give your body the much needed protein. If you follow this diet pattern throughout your whole life you will never have diabetes.

3. Weight Loss: It is a fact that obese people are generally more prone to diabetes and other related problems than leaner and thinner people. And the reason is that excessive body fat is known to trigger diabetes. If you have excessive body fat in the middle region of your body, your muscles can become unresponsive to insulin and you can get afflicted with diabetes. Once again, if you follow a healthy diet pattern and exercise regularly there is no chance of diabetes ever happening to you.

4. Visit your local doctor: If you are exercising regularly and following a low carb and high protein diet but still seeing no improvement in the level of glucose in your body, I would suggest that you visit a doctor. Perhaps you are suffering from different types of problems or that your diet patterns need to be changed or adjusted. A simple blood sugar test will tell what you need to change regarding your lifestyle pattern. Also a blood sugar test will help you detect blood sugar at an early stage and it will give you ample time to take proper steps in order to prevent diabetes from happening.

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