Do It Yourself Home Repairs: Two Easy Ways To Repair Your Home

Repairing your home is much simpler than you might think. While you can hire professionals to have your home repaired professionally, let’s face the truth: we, as home owners, don’t really want to hire a handyman to repair a small hole in our home, or to fix that clogged showerhead. I mean, it is very easy to repair them. So why waste your money on a handyman? In this article, I will tell you about three simple home repairing tasks that you can accomplish yourself without any technical knowledge about home construction or repairing. I am sure that after reading this article, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money.

1. Home repair project #1: How to repair a torn screen

Having a torn screen in your home is really very annoying. Not only bugs fly into your house, the torn screen also snags your clothes; moreover, your partner won’t like seeing a torn screen in her house because it looks quite ugly. So, to fix a torn screen, all you need is a razor, a rubber based glue, a straightedge, a wax paper, a wooden glue spreader, and a piece of screen cloth, which should be large enough to cover the hole plus it should have an inch of extra space on all sides after covering the hole.

And here is how to do it. I assume that the screen hole is round in shape; if so, you will need to use your straightedge to cut the hole into a square figure. Once you are done, place the screen on a wax paper. This is to prevent the glue from getting stuck on your workbench. Then place the new screen cloth on the hole, making sure that all four sides of the hole are equally and fully covered. Then apply glue on all the four edges, and spread the glue with the help of the glue spreader. Press the cloth on all the four edges and allow the screen to be left to dry. You are done! See how easy it is!

I will give you yet another home repair tip.

Our next home repair project is:

2. Home repair project #2: How to unclog your showerhead

Over time, your showerhead will get clogged due to the chemicals and minerals present in water. It is so simple to fix that I am not elaborating on the method, but I will tell you about the tools you will need for this purpose. You will be surprised to know that you don’t even need a commercial cleaner to unclog your showerhead. All you need is a rag, a toothpick, vinegar, one or two adjustable pliers and a pipe wrench.

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