Do It Yourself Lawn Care – 5 Tips For Maintaining A Beautiful Lawn

Lawn care is not really as hard as you might think. In fact, if you love your garden, caring for it might be the most enjoyable activity for you. And no matter where you live in: whether you live in the city, suburbs or a rural area, you will want to take good care of your lawn because your lawn forms an integral part of your house and adds to its appeal. Now, you can of course hire an expert to look after your garden but it certainly takes away all the fun that is involved in lawn care. In this article I will give you five tips on how to look after your garden in the best way possible.

1. The very first thing that you need to learn is how to mow your lawn. Unfortunately, this is one thing most people don’t know much about, but unless you know how to properly mow your garden, you cannot keep it in good shape. When mowing your garden, you should lower your blades enough to cut the grass but not too low. If you lower your blades too close to the roots of the grass, the grass will burn up at times when the weather is extremely hot and there is scanty rainfall. A rule of thumb is that grass should be kept at a minimum height of 3 inches.

2. Don’t allow the grasses to grow too tall before you mow them. If you do, it will damage the growth rate of grass and leave a lump of grass in the middle of your garden. I am sure that would not be something pleasant to look at.

3. Be sure to regularly sharpen your blades! This will help you mow your garden faster while at the same time not damaging the roots of the grass itself.

4. Water your garden regularly. How much water your garden needs depends on the area you live in, its climate and the type of soil. A good rule of thumb in this regard is that if you walk through your garden and see your footprints there after a few minutes, or if you happen to see brown patches in your garden, you know for sure that it needs to be watered. While you should not be tightfisted with the water, you should also take care not to water your garden too much, otherwise the grass of your garden will begin to rot and this will slowly but surely damage the look and feel of your entire lawn.

5. Insects are a big menace for any garden owner. Some insects are so dangerous that they can damage your entire garden. You need to know how to keep these insects away from your garden. There are some products available that can help you in this regard. If in doubt, ask your local gardening experts for help and advice.

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