Do It Yourself Manicure: 6 Must-Have Tools You Need For A Fast Manicure

You are all decked up and ready for that special occasion: the special occasion maybe your birth anniversary or an invitation from a friend to join a party. Suddenly you discover some broken or badly manicured nails that are likely to ruin your image. Worse, you don’t have all the tools ready to get a quick manicure done! So what do you do under such a situation? Getting a professional manicure done regularly can be expensive and troublesome; why spend money on it when you can easily do it at your home? In this article I will tell you all about the tools you need to get a professional manicure done from the comfort of your own home.

1. Transparent treatment of your nails: Depending on the quality of your nails, they might need proper treatment. If your nails are always breaking apart or peeling away, you need a nail hardener. On the other hand, if your nails are dry, you need a nail moisturizer. If you are in doubt, your local pharmacy or doctor should be able to advise you as to what type of treatment is best suited for your nails. Proper treatment of your nails will ensure that they always look healthy and beautiful.

2. Protective nail polish: This solution will make for the basic foundation of your nail polish and will help the nail polish last longer than usual and also make your nails look nice and shiny.

3. An orange stick: You need to clear the dirt from your nails before you start polishing them, or your manicure will be broken. To clear dirt from my nails, I use an orange stick. An orange stick can also be used to remove the extra polish from the nails.

4. A Nail Clipper: You need to resize and trim your nails properly before you start polishing them. Some people make the mistake of using scissors for this purpose. However, scissors are not really very helpful in getting the desired results. So use a good nail clipper to trim your nails.

5. Nail buffer and polisher: Usually your file should have a tool which would help make your nails look shining. If your file doesn’t have that option, you can invest in a nail buffer or polisher. A nail buffer will smooth your nails and help them look shiny.

6. File or emery board: A file is a must have for any woman who wants to do the manicure herself. There are many different types of files available: some large and others small. Your best bet is to buy a large sized file that is stronger on one side or the other. This way, you will only need to buy the file once, and it will last for your lifetime.

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