Earn Money At Home – Are You The Victim Of The Guru Conspiracy?

If you have been around in the internet marketing arena for sometime, you have inevitably witnessed big product launches every few weeks (unless, of course, you are under a large rock). Do you ever think for a moment whether these products really do any good to the buyers or are they the same information repackaged again and again? In this article, we will analyze what these “big guys” really aim at when making big product launches. After reading this article, I hope you will begin to see the thing in a whole new perspective.

You must have noticed that whenever a ‘guru’ launches big product, a lot of marketers (mostly newbies) rush in to take out their credit cards and pay for the product. Do you know what happens after these marketers buy and download the product? Based on a recent survey I conducted on my subscribers, it comes to light that 70% of these newbie marketers hardly understand the meaning and nature of the product they have purchased. They simply buy and download the product, and never use it. They allow the product to gather “digital dust”; then they move on to buy the next ‘latest and greatest’ product. The mentality that compels these marketers to buy every ‘big product’ is the “herd mentality”. I would explain it by giving an example. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume that you are a young boy or girl. Suppose all of your friends buy the latest fashionable clothes and apparels? What do you do? You follow their lead and buy the same clothes, even if they might be of no use to you at the moment. Why do you do that? Because you don’t want to feel “left out”. This is the same mentality that forces newbie marketers to buy the latest and greatest products whenever they come out. It doesn’t matter whether they are useful products or just plain old junk, people will buy them if there is enough hype.

I personally know that some of these products are really great,but some rules of the internet marketing never change, and one such rule is that these products will be of no use to you unless you have laid the basic foundation of your business.. These products are designed to help the smart pro marketer who is already making money on the internet and would like to increase his income. If you are a newbie just starting it, don’t expect these products to help you much unless, of course, you have laid the basic foundation of your business. The second rule of internet marketing is that there is no shortcut to success: success definitely comes but it takes time to become successful. All these ‘gurus’ who show you those big Clickbank checks -they too have struggled a lot in the past while establishing their business. They have become successful after a fairly long time; some became successful after five or eight long years. These are the truths you need to know if you really want to survive in business.

Essentially, what these ‘gurus’ do is keep the new marketers in the dark; they would rather have you confused and bewildered than know the ‘secrets’; because as long as you are confused, they can make money off you. When you would realize the truth (it would perhaps be too late by then; it took me three years to learn the ‘real truth’), you will see that much of the information these ‘gurus’ sell are actually available for free. But then the free information will never be as good as the “paid” ones because most of the internet marketers lack the learning curve needed to learn it.

So the next time you see a promotion about a business opportunity, ask yourself if it will really be useful to you. I think that one other thing you would like to know is, where and how you can find profitable business opportunities. For more details on lucrative home business opportunities, and to learn how can you can start earning money from home the easy way, [adrotate banner=”37″]