EASY Niche Research Recipe: STEAL My Secret

You might have been taught repeatedly about how to "research" your niche with the help of keywords tools. Well, just think about it: if keyword tools were meant to research a niche, why didn't the developers of the software call it a 'Niche' tool, instead of a 'Keyword Research' Tool? The reason is that a keyword tool does what it is supposed to do, that is, get keywords for your term. It DOES NOT research the niche for you. This week I came up with my own niche research formula that would put all other formulas to shame (by the way, my Nuttiebums report tells about some of my other unconventional methods of niche research). And I am giving it away free! :D

But let me tell you how it all happened. Actually it so happened that when I discovered this niche, I saw that it had hardly any Adwords ads going for it; also, there were only a few vendors selling products in this niche through Clickbank (these two factors are used by bum marketers to gauge the 'profitability' of a niche). Quite frankly, I thought the niche was dead. So, I just wrote two articles on it, submitted them to article directories, and did nothing at all!

Boy, was I wrong? For the last two months, this niche has been my main income earner as a Clickbank affiliate (yep, those two articles send me amazing traffic). And the amazing thing is that I didn't see a single refund transaction for the product I promote. It is then that I discovered and tested my new niche research formula! Ok, now let me tell you about my unique way of researching a niche.

I would first of all go to, enter my main niche keyword and get a list of related terms on that niche. Some of these terms are sub-niches of the main niche, while others are RELATED terms for this niche. I need both. I copy all the terms in a text file. Next I go to Google Sets, do the same thing there, and again get a list of related keywords for my niche. I copy those terms on a text file, then de-dup the list to make sure that there are no duplicate terms in my text file. Now you may ask why I used both Google Sets and KW Browse and not just any one of them. Well, quite frankly the database maintained by Google is different than that of KW Browse, and over time, I have learned that if you use both of them instead of one, you will get a lot more terms on a niche. Ok, now it is time for the Phase II of our research.

While the 'old school' gurus would teach you to get keywords for the main niche, I would get keywords for the sub-niches that I got from Google Sets and KW Browse (I would tell you why in a minute). So I would head over to Google Adwords keyword tool (if you have Micro Niche Finder then that is even better), enter my sub-niche keyword and get all the keywords for it. The rest is pretty much regular bum marketing stuff: get keywords that have low competition and high search volume and write articles for them. Now, here are my there main reasons for rejecting the old keyword research formula for the new one:

1. I get less number of untargeted keywords: If you are a veteran bum marketer, you may have noticed that if you research your main niche using your keyword tool you will get a lot of untargeted keywords. The reason behind this is not surprising; since your main niche, in all probability, is way too broad and crowded, you will get less targeted and more untargeted keywords. Add to that the freebie seekers and tire kickers who would, more often than not, search for something free in that niche. They usually search with this criterion: "main niche keyword+free" They rarely search for any specific term, and so, by using my formula, I get less number of 'free' terms.

2. More often than not, I get terms which have medium-to-low competition. Again, when you research your main niche with your keyword tool you will get keywords with three levels of competition: low, medium and high. However, if you research the sub niches of your main niche, you will generally get medium-to-low competition keywords, and those are the keywords that you would want to target!

3. It helps me with LSI. As a bum marketer, you should already know that Google loves websites that provide content containing a variety of related keywords for the niche, instead of just one main keyword. My new niche research formula gives me a lot of related terms for my niche which helps me write (or outsource) articles that are LSI-compliant. It also helps me make sure that I research and dominate a niche COMPLETELY, instead of searching for bits and pieces.

Sounds quite weird, eh? But try it on your end. Hopefully, when you use my new niche research formula, you will remember me and possibly, even buy me a beer (link below) ;)

For more unconventional niche research and bum marketing methods, please read my Nuttiebums report.


  1. Kalpan

    Hi Arindam,
    Other than bookmarking, do you think that one of the main reason Goog publish your blog is because you mentioned Goog in your article?

  2. Arindam

    Ha ha! I could have thought so if my niche articles (where there is no mention of Google) wouldn’t have gotten the high rankings as well. :)