Eliminate Flies: How To Make Your Own Fly Trap Easily!

I have had quite a bit of success with this fly trap. I don’t usually buy fly traps unless I absolutely need to! This trap is based on the fact that a fly will always tend to fly up towards the sun.

To create this trap, you need glue, a screen (any old door screen would do, but make sure it is not torn), a 5 gallon bucket, one 3-pound coffee can, wire, bait, scissors, and knife.

First, use your knife to create cuts about the size of small windows. Make cuts all the way around. Then make a small hole (about the size of your little finger) on the top of the bucket. This is from where the fly will enter the trap. You also need to cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Then shape the screen about the size of a cone, and then insert that cone through the bottom of the bucket. Cut the excess screen with your scissors. Then stick that screen around the bucket with the help of glue. Cut some portion of the screen to make a lid for your bucket, and then make sure to place this lid on the wire. You would need to make sure you create the lid in such a way that you can take it off from the bucket and use it again next summer.

As for bait, you can use anything that emits a strong smell, from fresh dog poop to decaying fruits of vegetables. Also remember to keep feeding the bait can as often as possible so that it is never short of food. Also be sure to keep enough water in the bait can so that it never dries out!

It is important that you place the fly trap at a correct position in order for it to work properly. If you think that your fly trap is not working the way it should, move it up five feet or more. It DOES make a difference.

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