Eliminate Grey Hair: 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

Before you learn how to eliminate grey hair, you need to know what causes grey hair in the first place. As a rule, our hair contains a protein called melanin which is black in color. This melanin is responsible for the black color of our hair. If you thought that people with blonde hair don’t have any melanin, you cannot be further from the truth. In fact, people with dark as well as blonde hair have melanin present in hair. It is the amount of melanin present that makes all the difference in the color of the hair. As a person ages, the amount of melanin decreases and his hair slowly turns grey. When there is no more melanin left in his hair, his hair becomes completely white. In this article I will give you 3 tips to eliminate grey hair fast.

The best way to slow down the graying of the hair is to nourish it regularly. The more nourishment your hair receives, the longer it will remain black. You can even cure baldness by adequately nourishing your hair. For starters, you can take multivitamins such as bee pollen, along with proteins and multiminerals.

1. How to darken your grey hair: Take ½ liter of water in a bowl and boil it hot. Then add two teaspoonfuls of sage (chia) to it. It is better if you also add a little rosemary in the mixture. After boiling the mixture, allow it to get cooled. Then use a colander to drain out the water. Apply the mixture to your hair. You will notice that slowly your hair is turning from grey to black. This is one of the easiest ways to eliminate grey hair.

2. How to make your hair shiny: If you also want to add a little shine to your hair, here is one little tip that I am sure you will like very much. You need to create a mixture similar as above. Just make sure you use petals of chamomile flowers instead of sage. You can apply that mixture to your hair to add shine to it.

3. To permanently get rid of grey hair: You need to provide it with adequate nourishment. If you are in the habit of shampooing your hair regularly, make sure that you message your hair with either natural coconut oil or aloe vera after shampooing. Both are really good in providing the necessary nutrients to your hair.

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