Eliminate Mice: 4 Easy Ways To Set Traps That Eliminate Mice Completely From Your House

Trapping mice is sometimes the only way you can eliminate them from your home. Mice usually live in small holes and corners in your house, so if you are not using traps, you won’t be able to capture and eliminate all the mice. But the fact remains that not all homeowners are adept at setting a trap. In this article I will tell you about four types of traps that you can setup to catch, kill or eliminate mice.

1. Ordinary snap traps: These ordinary traps are the ones that are most commonly used by homeowners. They are very easy to procure and easy to set up. You just need to set the trap in a location that you suspect to be a mouse shelter. Then you place the bait in it. Once the mouse gets attracted by the bait, it will rush in to eat it and that is when the traps captures and kills the mouse.

2. Glue boards: You can also use glue boards if you feel that traps are not effective in eliminating mice. Some mice are very cunning and know how to bypass traps. However, they will seldom be able to bypass glue boards.

3. Electronic traps: Electronic traps are an advanced way of catching and eliminating the mice fast. These traps make use of battery power to kill mice by electrocuting them. These traps take the form of a big box. You can place the bait in the rear end of the trap. As soon as mouse gets near the trap, it senses its approach and quickly releases a dose of lethal electric shock to kill it. The best part is that a typical electronic trap can capture and hold many mice before they are required to be emptied. They can also be used repeatedly.

4. Live traps: If you don’t like to kill the mouse and instead want to use a more humane way of catching them, then this is it! Live traps are very easy to set up, and like snap traps, they work best with the use of baits. Most live traps take the form of a box that allows entry to the mouse but refuses to let it escape. You can then release the mouse at a place which is far from your home. There are different types of live traps available. While some can hold only one mouse at a time, others can hold up to 30 or more mice before they are required to be emptied.

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