Eliminate Mildew Odor:4 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Mildew Odor

Are you tired of the musty odor emitted by the mildew in your room? Is the mildew damaging the surfaces of your fabrics, leather, clothes, etc? In this article I will tell you of four ways you can eliminate mildew odor.

1. How To Eliminate Mildew Odor From Your Clothes: If mildew has attacked your cloth, you can simply brush it off but make sure you take the cloth outside your room while brushing mildew off. Don’t scatter mildew within your house!

2. How To Eliminate Mildew Odor From Washable items: If mildew has attacked any of your fabrics, or washable items, the best way to eliminate mildew is to wash the item with either strong detergents or chlorine bleach. If the item’s fabric doesn’t permit the use of either chlorine bleach or detergent, you can use oxygen bleach to eliminate mildew first, then wash the item later.

3. How To Eliminate Mildew Odor From Non-Washable items. However, if mildew has grown on an item that cannot be washed with water, you need to use a dry cleaner to eliminate mildew odor instead. Before using a dry cleaner, make sure you read the instructions given in the item’s manual.

4. How To Eliminate Mildew Odor From Upholster/Furniture: Many times it happens that mildew attacks our good old favorite upholstery or furniture. If this has happened to you, take heart, because there is an easy way to eliminate mildew odor from your upholstery. Move the infected furniture away from outside of your house, along with a broom. Using the broom, brush off the mold pores. Then clean the item with a vacuum cleaner. Let the item remain in the sun for a considerable time so as to prevent further mold growth.

If you think that even after all these, mildew has not gone from your upholstery, then you can sponge the item with a dry soap and then clean it with an absorbent cloth. If you think that mildew odor has still not gone, then maybe that the problem lies deeper. It maybe that mildew has been growing deep in the padding of your upholstery. If this is so then no amount of treatment to eliminate mildew odor will help you. Your only option is to hire a trained professional and renovate the entire upholstery of the item concerned. Then take steps so that mildew cannot attack your furniture in future.

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