Eliminate Under Eye Puffiness: 3 Tips

Do you have puffy eyes whenever you awake from sleep? Puffy eyes are caused when extra tissues get deposited under your eyes. More often than not, puffy eyes are caused right after you wake up from sleep. However, if you have a sinus or an allergy problem, then too you may have puffy eyes. Keep in mind that it is easy to eliminate under eye puffiness. In this article, I will tell you how to eliminate under eye puffiness fast without even paying a buck to your doctor.

1. You may not be aware of it, but plain salt is one of the best ways to eliminate under eye puffiness. To use this option, first take a bowl of water and warm it. Water should be lukewarm. Then take a pad. Soak that pad in the saline solution and apply it on the puffy eyes. Keep in mind that in case you don’t have pads, you can use cotton balls. If you use cotton balls, the water should be cold. Preferably, you should use the water you keep in your refrigerator. But in case you don’t keep water in refrigerator, or don’t have a refrigerator at all, even plain cold water would do.

2. Sometimes, puffy eyes are the result of wrong sleeping habits. Try to sleep keeping your head elevated, preferably on two or more pillows. Also, if you apply makeup, make sure that the mascara is not older than a few months. You should regularly clean old makeup with cotton balls and cold water. Don’t use tissues while cleaning your eyes, because it may irritate your skin.

3. Cut down on your salt and caffeine intake. There are many disadvantages of consuming excessive amounts of salt and coffee. But one of the most significant disadvantages is that they can make your eyes look puffy. So keep yourself away from these things as far as possible.

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